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How We Measure Earthquakes

Richter, Moment Magnitude, and Mercalli Earthquake Scales When hearing about recent earthquakes, the first thing everyone wants to know is the quake’s magnitude.  Having a number to define the strength of the tremblor allows us to gauge how the quake compares to other historical earthquakes. But what does the designated earthquake magnitude actually mean? Below are some earthquake measurement facts. Early Seismographs Seismographs are instruments used to measure the force and duration of an earthquake. In 1883, John Milne, a… Read More

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Metal Buildings in North Dakota

Oil and Gas Production Driving North Dakota’s Economy The recent economic surge enjoyed by the Roughrider State make this the ideal time to construct metal buildings in North Dakota. The Urgent Need for Metal Buildings in North Dakota Expanding oil and gas production produced a radical upward swing in the state’s economy in the last decade.  A rapid influx of job seekers ensued.  Consequently, a building boom needs to follow. Pre-engineered metal buildings in North Dakota suit the two largest… Read More

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Why Inspectors Love Metal Building Kits

How Pre-engineering Simplifies Inspections for Steel Buildings How does the pre-engineering of metal building kits streamline the building inspection process? A quality steel building company supplies detailed documentation for the building.  Consequently, the building inspector’s focus shifts more toward ensuring the kit assembles exactly as specified. While often viewed as a pain and a hassle, building inspections actually benefit builders. Knowing they must pass inspection keeps builders determined to build it right the first time.  They know tearing down improperly… Read More

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5 Reasons Steel Industrial Buildings Rule

Why Steel Frames 95% of all Industrial Buildings in the U.S. Pre-engineered steel industrial buildings adapt to all types of low-rise construction.  However, metal buildings fulfill the needs of industrial projects particularly well.  Here are five reasons steel buildings rock in the industrial market: #1: Low Cost Industrial construction projects tend to be huge.  No other building material does bigger better than pre-engineered steel.  In fact, the larger the structure, the more attractive the cost-per-square-foot is for steel. Steel industrial… Read More

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#1 Reason Commercial Builders Use PEMBs

How Builders Keep Customers Satisfied with Steel Buildings Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) offer commercial builders dozens of benefits.  However, one advantage tops all others: customer satisfaction. How PEMBs Meet Commercial Customer Demands Like any other business, success in commercial construction depends on keeping the customer satisfied.  Pre-engineered steel buildings rule low-rise commercial construction because they deliver what the customer wants: Clear span interiors Competitive price Discounted insurance Easy care Faster construction Floor plan flexibility Greater strength and protection Higher resale… Read More

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Keep Them Smiling in a Steel-Framed Dental Office

Building a Dental Facility with the Strength of Steel Build your dental practice and your office with a cost-efficient steel-framed office.  Dentists can really sink their teeth into the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings. Why Now is the Time to Build a New Dental Practice According to the latest data, there are almost 200,000 working dentists now practicing in the U.S. The Healthy Policy Institute expects the number of dental professionals in the U.S. to continue to grow steadily.  That… Read More

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RHINO Steel Buildings: A Proven Track Record

Celebrating 20 Years as a Premier Steel Building Brand With twenty years of successful operation behind us, RHINO steel buildings have earned a reputation of excellence.  By focusing on providing above-and-beyond customer service and high-quality metal building kits, we have gained a loyal customer base. How do we know our customers are pleased with our products and service?  They tell us so with words of appreciation, referrals, and repeat orders. In our business, most people only order one metal building… Read More

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The Wonders of Water and Steelmaking

Conserving Water in Homes and in Steelmaking Water.  We nourish our bodies with it, water our crops and houseplants with it, and even bathe in it  We clean our homes, our cars, our clothes, and our pets in it.  Where would be without fresh, clean water every day? Doesn’t it make sense to take full advantage of the wonders of life-giving water? 11 Health Benefits of Water These fabulous benefits of staying hydrated should have everyone running for a tall… Read More

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Banking on Steel Buildings

Financial Institutions Branch Out with Secure Steel Buildings Financial institutions bank on prefabricated steel buildings for protection.  Whether the building houses the main bank or one of the smaller neighborhood branches, banks and other financial institutions rely on the strength, durability, and security of pre-engineered metal buildings. A Brief Banking History of the U.S. Did you know the Continental Congress established the first chartered bank in the U.S. in 1784?  Here are a few more American banking firsts: In 1791,… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Earthquakes

Designing Solid Structures for Shaky Ground The performance of pre-engineered steel buildings in earthquakes is nothing short of amazing. How do we know? Building code officials and structural engineers study the performance of various building types under duress.  After every natural calamity, they examine which buildings failed and which withstood the stresses forced on them.  Their goal is to insure life safety in the event of extreme conditions.  Consequently, they take what they learn from natural disasters and amend building… Read More

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