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Termites and Steel Buildings

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Build with Steel and Avoid Termiticides

Why Metal Buildings Do Not Need Chemical Termite Treatments There are only two ways to avoid chemical termite treatments completely: build in Alaska or build with steel for termite proof construction. Alaska is the only state free from termite problems.  (The frigid winters kill any termites that wander into the state.) And no termite can make a meal of steel. Wood is Good—for Termites! Termites feed on wood.  Building with wood extends an open dinner invitation to termites. In lumber-framed… Read More

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Nothing Can Make a Meal of a Steel Building

How Metal Buildings Beat Wood-Eating Creepy Crawlers A steel building offers many advantages over a wood building.  Lumber simply cannot compete with steel’s strength and durability. However, one of the strongest arguments for building with steel instead of wood is that steel does not invite creepy crawlers or critters to dinner. Organic Wood vs. Inorganic Steel Wood is organic.  It comes from living organisms: trees. As an organic material, lumber is edible.  It presents a tasty treat to many living… Read More

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Building Strong with Prefab Metal Buildings

Part 2: Safer Structures in Earthquakes and Snowstorms Our previous blog covered how prefab metal buildings provide extra protection against windstorms, floods, and fires. Now let’s look at some of the other types of natural disasters inflicting billion-dollar structural damage. Prefab Steel Buildings in Earthquakes The devastating earthquakes in Mexico last month killed hundreds of people, emphasizing the need for seismic-resistant building techniques. Generally, the buildings that perform best in earthquakes are those with a little “give,” which take the… Read More

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3 Reasons Lumberyards Choose Steel Buildings

Why Housing Wood in Wood is Not Good Look around town and you will see most home improvement centers and lumberyards choose steel buildings to house their operations.  That seems odd, doesn’t it?  Wouldn’t you expect a lumber business to be housed in a lumber-framed structure? There are three main reasons wood sellers use steel buildings: 1. Lumberyards Need Massive Space Maneuvering and storing piles of wood studs, plywood sheets, and other building products demands lots of space.  Only steel… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Hawaii Defeat Termites

Why Metal Buildings Dominate Construction in Hawaii Homeowners and business owners turn to steel buildings in Hawaii to counteract a giant challenge: the tiny termite. Everyone living and visiting the fiftieth state agrees it is a tropical paradise. Voracious termites also find paradise in the islands’ warm moist climate and abundant wood supply. Seven different species of termites call the Hawaiian Islands home— including the King Kong of all the wood-munchers, the Formosan termite. Formosan Termites Make Themselves at Home… Read More

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Termites Cannot Make a Meal of a Steel Building

Wood Structures Invite Termites to Lunch Termites look so tiny and harmless. Don’t believe it. Those relentless wood-munching monsters lurk in dark places, quietly devouring every cellulose-filled object in their path. Outnumbered and Outflanked The sheer number of termites on this planet boggles the mind. Forty-five different species of termites inhabit the U.S. Worldwide, over 2,700 termite species exist. We are completely outnumbered in this fight. Experts estimate there are 1,000 pounds of termites for every human on earth. Termite… Read More

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WOOD versus STEEL Buildings- Part 2

Natural Challenges Facing Wood and Steel Buildings Part 1 of this series on wood versus steel buildings covered some of the basic material differences between the two building methods. Now let’s look at how wood and steel performance. When considering a building system, it is important to think long term. How safe is the structure? How will it hold up against earthquakes, fire, violent storms, and termites? TERMITES WOOD-framed structures invite termites, wood ants, and vermin in for a snack.… Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 3

Avoid Costly Chemical Treatments with Steel Buildings Pre-engineered metal buildings do not need to be treated with outgassing chemicals to ward off termites. No termites— even those voracious Formosan termites— can make a meal of steel. Think termites are a small problem? Think again. Termites: Little Enemies, Big Appetites In order to discourage termites and other insects, dangerous chemicals must be used to treat the lumber, the building, and the soil surrounding the structure. These deadly chemicals evaporate, affecting indoor… Read More

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7 Ways Steel Buildings Resist Damage from the Elements

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings vs. Mother Nature Whether for agricultural, commercial, industrial, or personal use, a building represents an investment.  Pre-engineered steel buildings protect your investment— as well as its contents.  When winds howl, lightning flashes, fire rages, or the earth trembles, prefabricated steel buildings stand up to the challenge better than traditionally constructed structures. Engineer-certified to meet or exceed all local building codes, commercial-grade steel framing provides maximum damage protection for your investment.  Here are just seven of the many… Read More

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Defeating Termites with Spinach and Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefab Steel Buildings vs. Termites Most of us grew up seeing comics or cartoons of that intrepid, tattooed, nautical hero, Popeye the Sailorman.  You remember him— the swaggering one-eyed, spinach-loving, corncob-pipe-smoking, muscled mariner with the big heart and the goofy chuckle.  (Can’t you hear him singing his sailorman ditty in your head right now?) However, until recently I never realized what a true visionary Popeye is.  (And it isn’t easy to be a man a vision with one eye squinted… Read More

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