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Metal Barns and Outbuildings for Rural Living

Improving Life and Property Value with Steel Outbuildings

Metal barns and outbuildings dot the countryside everywhere you go. Across the heartland—and in rural areas just outside major metropolitan areas—peaceful country homestead, farm, and ranch properties include steel buildings.

The Numbers on Living in the Country

Large open-air riding arena steel building in rural setting surrounded by white fencing and headline "Metal Barns and Outbuildings for Rural Living"According to the latest statistics on rural dwellers:

  • 46.1 million U.S. residents now live in non-metro counties
  • 14% of the population lives on 72% of the nation’s land mass
  • 81% of rural dwellers are homeowners
  • 65.4% still live in the state where they were born

The Convenience of Rural Steel Buildings

Whether living on a two-acre rural getaway or a thousand acre working farm or ranch, outbuildings enhance comfortable country living. Rural dwellers find pre-engineered metal barns and outbuildings enhance their lives, providing space for agricultural products, animals, equipment, vehicles, storage, and more.

The Protection of Rural Steel Buildings

The purpose of most rural barns and buildings is protection. Prefab outbuildings stand up to the rigors of country living.

Prefabricated steel structures offer built-in resistance to damage from howling winds, pounding rain, drifting snow, irritating molds, devastating fire, sizzling lightning, and even earthquakes.

Pre-engineered metal barns and outbuildings will not rot or invite termites like wood structures and pole barns do. And pre-engineered steel buildings don’t attract birds like web-trussed metal buildings and wood barns. Nor do steel buildings require the relentless maintenance common with wood outbuildings and pole barns.

Rural dwellers trust pre-engineered steel buildings to provide the strongest protection— and at the best price.

The Value of Rural Steel Buildings

Quality steel outbuildings increase the resale value and appeal of rural property. Built strong to last long, steel buildings maintain their attractiveness and functionality decade after decade.

On the other hand, an old, leaky, dilapidated wood structure in need of repairs actually decreases property value, sending potential buyers in search better maintained rural properties.

In some areas, pole barns (with wood posts driven directly into the ground) may violate building codes. Trying to sell a property with such a blatantly illegal structure becomes almost impossible without extensive (and expensive) reinforcements and repairs.

An infographic that offers twelve tips for planning agricultural buildingsAnd don’t overlook the environmental value of prefab outbuildings. As the most recycled material in the world, steel rates at the top of green building framing choices.


  • Barns
  • Crop storage
  • Dairy barns and milking houses
  • Farm equipment storage
  • Feed storage
  • Fertilizer sheds
  • Hangars
  • Hay sheds
  • Livestock shelters
  • Office
  • Open-air or indoor horseback riding arenas
  • Poultry houses
  • Sale barns
  • Stables
  • Storage buildings
  • Truck, trailer, or RV garages
  • Workshops

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