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 Cancelled Building Special

 close-up of steel building framing


150’x300’x16′ Cancelled Building Ready for Delivery on 8/6/21

  • Building has a 25′ x 176′-4″ x 16′ Lean-to on Front Sidewall
  • 2:12 Roof Pitch
  • Polar White Roof and Wall Panels, Burnished Slate Trim
  • (2) 12×14 Framed Openings (one centered on each end)
  • Burnished Slate Gutters and Downspouts
  • Building is Sheeted on the Top 4′ and Bottom 4′ of All Walls
  • Middle 8′ of All Walls is Open 
  • No Walk Doors Included
  • Base Trim/Base Angle Included
  • 115 mph Exp B Wind Load
  • 5psf Ground Snow // 1psf Collateral Load
  • IBC – 2015

$340,000.00 + Freight (FOB Dallas, TX)
*Applicable taxes will apply.




If you’re looking for the best metal building kit prices, our steel building specials are a great option.  Want additional features that you don’t see here? Call us at 940-383-9566 with your desired details and we can provide an estimate for you!