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Building Steel Pharmacies and Medical Offices

RHINO Metal Building Kits for Drug Stores and Doctors’ Offices There are so many reasons for building steel medical businesses. Firstly, the need is rising for additional pharmacies and medical offices. Secondly, medical businesses are looking to expand their operations by building steel structures. The Mushrooming Medical Market America’s population is graying rapidly.  More and more baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are joining the over 65 population.  As baby boomers age, demands increase for all medical services. Number… Read More

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Building Steel She Sheds and Man Caves

Why Metal DIY Sheds Make Ideal Backyard Retreats People are creating their own havens with metal she sheds, man caves and hobby house kits. Indulging in Man Caves and Shed Sheds Just imagine it— You have a place where you can escape from the clamor of another busy, demanding day.  A stress-free zone you created in your own backyard. It is there when you most need it.  A spot of solitude.  Your own space.  That province of peace where you can unwind,… Read More

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How to Clean Metal Building Gutters

General Steel Building Maintenance Tips It is easy to prevent potential problems for metal building gutters. How?  By simply cleaning your gutters regularly. How Often Do Metal Building Gutters Need Cleaning? Gutter cleaning depends on the type of gutter, climate, location, and tree cover.  For example, here are a few guidelines for general steel building gutter maintenance: Annual gutter cleaning suffices for open areas in milder climates. However, most gutter manufacturers advise semi-annual gutter cleanings. Structures surrounded by overhanging trees… Read More

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The Types of RHINO Metal Buildings

If You Need a Building, You Need a RHINO Steel Structure RHINO prefab metal buildings are so versatile and adaptable, they fit every low-rise structural need.  In fact, RHINO’s amazing versatility lends itself well to endless applications. Whether you require a 900 sq. ft. storage building, a 90,000 sq. ft. warehouse, or anything in between, RHINO’s got you covered. Let’s look at the main uses typical for adaptable RHINO metal buildings. Steel Commercial Buildings Commercial businesses love the benefits provided… Read More

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Metal Airplane Hangars in Airparks

Why Detached Steel Hangar Homes are Perfect for Airparks Having metal airplane hangars at home creates a paradise for pilots and their planes at airparks across the U.S. and Canada.  These residences-parked-on-a-runway create a haven for pilots and the loves of their lives— their aircraft. Today thousands of avid aviators live in these fly-in communities.  Airparks combine hearth and hobby in one convenient location. Imagine having your plane ready and waiting at your home— with a runway in your backyard! … Read More

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Metal Churches and Support Structures

Why So Many Congregations Choose Steel Church Buildings Cost-conscious religious congregations prefer metal churches for their houses of worship. Why? Because only prefabricated steel church buildings supply the soaring ceilings and clear space so important to a church’s sanctuary. Moreover, congregations find prefab steel structures are the best buy when building a church expansion. And, as churches grow, they discover prefab metal structures prove to be the most logical and economical choice for all their building needs. Maximizing Space with… Read More

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A Prefab Metal Building for Manufacturing

Why a Custom Metal Building Creates a Great Factory Constructing a prefab metal building for a manufacturing plant makes perfect sense. Think about it. Manufacturing turns raw materials into new products.  Fortunately, no one understands this concept better than the pre-engineered metal building industry.  After all, quality-controlled manufacturing plants create prefabricated steel buildings. Prefab Metal Building Benefits for Manufacturing The fundamentals are the same for every manufacturer.  Basically, whether producing widgets, rockets— or prefabricated metal buildings— efficiency rules. At RHINO… Read More

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Why Are Prefab Metal Buildings So Popular?

Nine Reasons Steel Structures Are the Best Choice There is a new construction champion today: prefab metal buildings. Traditional wood framing once controlled all low-rise construction.  Traditional builders had an “if-it-works-don’t-fix-it mentality” about building with lumber.  Wood building was tried, true, and familiar.  If it was good enough for grandpa, it is good enough for us, right? Thankfully, those days are gone. Steel now earns 65% of all commercial construction and 95% of all industrial building. Today’s pre-engineered red-iron steel… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Texas for Farms and Ranches

Why Steel Buildings Appeal to the Ag Market in the Lone Star State Prefab metal buildings in Texas are ideal for all agricultural structures in the state.  In fact, Lone Star farmers and ranchers were among the first to appreciate the advantages of metal building kits. And what’s not to like?  Today’s steel buildings are attractive, economical, simple to erect, easy to maintain, and durable. Texas Leads the Nation in Farms and Ranches There are more farms and ranches in… Read More

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Prefab Metal Buildings for Auto Parts Businesses

Why Steel Buildings House Auto Parts Operations No other construction system matches the advantages of prefab metal buildings for auto parts businesses.  In fact, that’s why steel dominates all commercial and industrial building today. Why Choose Prefab Metal Buildings for Auto Parts Businesses Why should the auto parts industry be interested in steel buildings? Because their market, like many others, is changing rapidly.  Here are two reasons why: Old Car Maintenance:  Today’s drivers keep their cars far longer.  Shockingly, the… Read More

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