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Custom Steel Buildings for RV Storage

Finding storage for your RV — that you actually like — shouldn’t be a headache. So many RV storage options are dull, unattractive, or simply don’t meet your needs. At RHINO Steel Buildings, we do things differently. With RHINO, you can design a custom steel RV storage building that’s beautiful and just right for you. Learn what sets RHINO custom steel buildings apart:

Custom Design Processillustration of an RV stored inside a metal steel building

Many companies only offer ready-to-ship, one-size-fits-all RV storage buildings. At RHINO, we give you the option to design a building that meets your unique needs. In fact, we work with you throughout the design process, helping you every step of the way in order to make your vision a reality. This is a custom experience that few RV storage companies offer.

Open or Enclosed

Our steel building storage for RVs includes open, enclosed, or partially enclosed options. Open RV storage has a roof covering without walls. Enclosed storage has walls and utilizes garage doors. Partially enclosed storage uses a few walls but leaves at least one open for your RV to easily park. Whatever your preference, we can do it!

Endless Exterior Options and Accessories

Your RV storage building comes with tons of options and accessories to choose from, so you can design the perfect building for you. From picking out colors to customizing your roofline, you’ll get the opportunity to bring your dream building to life.

Here are some of the customizable options for your steel RV storage building:

  • PBR, standing seam, or cool-coated panels
  • Multiple canopy configurations for your ideal roofline
  • A variety of interior and exterior color choices
  • Gutter and downspout options
  • Louvered or ridge vents for proper ventilation
  • Skylights
  • Insulation packages
  • Interior liner panels

With so many options to choose from, you know you’ll end up with a building you love.

Make it Match Your Home

We want your RV storage to fit into your property seamlessly, and in some cases we may be able to match your building to your home. If you provide matching exterior materials and we can get detailed specifications, we could possibly create an RV storage building that looks similar to your existing home. Speak with one of our design specialists about how we can make it happen together!

Get a Quote

Don’t settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill RV storage shed. Design your dream steel RV storage building with RHINO. Get started with a quote today.