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From Dream to Reality with Steel Buildings

RHINO: Making Your Building Dreams Come True Make your dream construction project a reality with attractive and affordable pre-engineered steel buildings. Are you dreaming of a multi-car garage with oodles of storage space?  Or are you imagining building your own self-storage business or other commercial enterprise?  Or are you picturing a bigger warehouse for your expanding import business? Then do it up right— build it with steel. Steeling into Your Dreams Pre-engineered steel buildings work like a dream.  Just check… Read More

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Steel Stables and Horse Barns

7 Reasons Discriminating Equestrians Choose Metal Buildings After the exciting win by Justify at the 144th Kentucky Derby earlier this month, now seems the perfect time to discuss stables and horse barns.  Steel buildings are the clear winners in the structural “run for the roses” of equestrian operations. And with an estimated 9.2 million horses living in the U.S., stables and horse barns are just the beginning. Many larger equestrian operations also employ steel buildings as covered or indoor riding… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Pharmacies

Steel Buildings: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Drug Stores There are so many reasons to choose pre-engineered steel buildings for pharmacy construction. And as the need for additional pharmacies rises, more companies are choosing to build prefabricated commercial steel drug stores. Overview of the Pharmacy Market America’s population is graying rapidly.  As the baby boomer generation ages, demands on all medical services— including pharmacies— are increasingly rapidly.  Here’s why: In 1950, 12.3 million Americans were 65 or older. By… Read More

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Nothing Can Make a Meal of a Steel Building

How Metal Buildings Beat Wood-Eating Creepy Crawlers A steel building offers many advantages over a wood building.  Lumber simply cannot compete with steel’s strength and durability. However, one of the strongest arguments for building with steel instead of wood is that steel does not invite creepy crawlers or critters to dinner. Organic Wood vs. Inorganic Steel Wood is organic.  It comes from living organisms: trees. As an organic material, lumber is edible.  It presents a tasty treat to many living… Read More

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Steel Building Sandwich Shops

If You Build It, They Will Come! A steel building and a sandwich shop make the perfect pairing for budding entrepreneurs. So what makes pre-engineered steel buildings and sandwich shops the best idea since sliced bread? The Sandwich Market First of all, Americans are positively mad for sandwiches.  In fact, Americans consume 300 million sandwiches every day!  That’s almost 92% of the entire U.S. population! Secondly, Americans buy the majority of those bread-stuffed wonders from the nearest sandwich shop or… Read More

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Building Boat and RV Storage with Steel

Cash In by Building Metal Toy Boxes for Grown-Up Toys Smart self-storage facility operators include boat and RV storage space in their facilities.  And the really smart facilities build those vehicle storage sheds with pre-engineered steel buildings. Recreational vehicle owners sink lots of money into their leisure toys.  They need convenient and secure space to safely store their down time investments.  Moreover, boat and RV storage tenants usually prove to rent space far longer than smaller unit renters do. The… Read More

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Why Steel Building Insurance Costs Less

How Metal Buildings Save 30% or More on Insurance Premiums Research conducted by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) shows premiums for steel building insurance are lower than for lumber or concrete structures.  In fact, commercial and industrial businesses find steel building insurance rates as much as 30% lower. Property Insurance Costs on the Rise Every property owner finds insurance expensive these days.  And industry experts warn that property insurance prices will certainly rise this year. Insurance companies shelled out… Read More

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Selecting Your Metal Building Colors

Color: The Fun Way to Customize Your Steel Building Kit You can make your next construction both functional and fantastic by choosing from an array of vivid metal building colors. Does your application warrant a pristine polar white or a cool Aztec blue?  Perhaps you prefer a saucy brick red with a fox gray accents?  Or would your project look best with sagebrush tan with evergreen trim? Whatever your color scheme, you will find what you need to match it… Read More

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The Versatility of a 40 x 60 Steel Building

What Could You Do with 2,400 sq. ft. of Unobstructed Space? A 40 x 60 steel building adapts easily to so many different end uses.  Aviators, farmers, ranchers, real estate investors, small business owners, manufacturers, and homeowners all love 40 x 60 metal buildings.  They’ve discovered that this versatile, mid-sized building beauty offers the most bang-for-the-building-buck for many needs. The Metal Building Sweet Spot Every business has a “sweet spot”— the one product or service that seems to best fit… Read More

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The Incredible Strength of Steel Buildings

Why Metal Buildings Stand Straighter, Stronger, and Longer Have you ever thought about how much we depend on the strength of steel?  Probably not.  Steel has become such a part of our daily lives, we scarcely notice it. However, would you trust yourself to drive in traffic in a car made of aluminum or wood?  Would you like to work in a high-rise building made of nailed together lumber?  Would you feel comfortable driving across a concrete bridge that was… Read More

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