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Does RHINO Provide the Doors and Windows for its Steel Buildings?

Installing your doors and windows is the cherry on top of your steel building journey. Here’s what RHINO provides for your building, what you need to source on your own, and the kinds of steel building windows and doors we recommend.

RHINO Overhead Doors and Drum Doors

Black-outlined steel building with red-highlighted doors and windows

RHINO Steel Buildings provides overhead doors for metal buildings. Overhead doors are like traditional garage doors that move along a track. They are compatible with electric door openers so you can open them automatically. RHINO uses Raynor Garage Doors for our overhead doors.

We also have access to drum doors. Drum doors are also known as roll-up doors. They are essentially steel curtains that roll into a coil as the door is lifted. These kinds of doors cannot be automated; you have to lift them manually. For drum doors, we work with Janus International.

Where to Buy Windows for Steel Buildings

RHINO does not provide windows for steel buildings. We give you the framed opening you need for your window, and all you need to do is pop in a window of your choice.

Any window supplier can provide windows for your metal building, including big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Be sure to always verify the clear opening required for your window to ensure that the framed opening is correctly sized.

Window and Door Recommendations

What kind of windows and doors should you use for your steel building? Honestly, it’s all about personal preference! We like overhead sectional doors because they are sturdy and reliable, but if you prefer roll up doors, they work well too. As for windows, make sure they will work appropriately in your climate — use well-insulated options for cold weather, hurricane-grade windows in areas where hurricanes are common, etc. — and fit your aesthetic preferences. It’s your building, so as long as you like your windows and doors, that’s all that matters.


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