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The Nuts and Bolts of a Steel Building

High-Strength Fasteners Connect the Best Metal Buildings

An integral part of a pre-engineered steel building system rests on the strength and quality of the bolts, nuts, and screws connecting it. Every building is only as strong as its connections.

Close-up of man's hand checking bolt on red-iron steel building framing, with the text "The Nuts and Bolts of Steel Buildings"Nails vs. Screws

First, let’s dispense with the controversy over which are stronger, nails or screws.

Wood builders contend that nails hold better than screws. If you believe that, drive both a nail and a screw halfway into a board. Now try to pull them out of the board with pliers. It is no contest. The screw wins every time, because screws have more tensile strength than nails.

Now imagine that same screw embedded not in a wood stud, which chips and splinters, but in solid steel column. Once the threaded metal building hardware is in place, it is there to stay— unless you purposely unscrew it.

Lumber holds moisture. As the humidity fluctuates, wood studs expand and contract. These changes in moisture content cause wood framing to shrink, warp, crack, twist, and sag over time. The constant movement of wood framing forces nails and staples to work out, loosening the frame.

Unaffected by humidity changes, a red-iron steel building remains perfectly rigid with the help of heavy-duty metal building hardware. Prefabricated metal buildings go up straight and stay plumb for the lifetime of the structure. When properly installed and tightened, steel building fasteners stay put.

Foundation Bolts and Nuts

Pre-engineered steel columns attach to concrete perimeter walls, piers, or slabs with high-strength steel j-bolts and nuts.

RHINO Steel Building Systems provides an anchor bolt plan for the concrete contractor, indicating exact number and precise placement for foundation bolts. Anchor bolts must be set within a 1/16” tolerance for accurate alignment.

The contractor purchases the appropriate bolts locally, as specified on the plans. The contractor positions the bolts in the foundation forms with templates, ensuring proper location before pouring the concrete.

The steel framing columns arrive at the site pre-drilled and ready to mount over the j-bolts embedded in the concrete. Heavy-duty steel nuts screw tightly to the j-bolts, completing the connections.

High-strength bolts shipped with the steel framing connect the steel rafters and columns. Metal fasteners provided by the manufacturer securely attach the secondary steel framing to the roofing and exterior walls.

Rust-Resistant Exterior Fasteners

The finishing screws used to fasten the steel exterior cladding and roofing seem like a small detail in the overall construction of a steel building. However, the quality of these exterior screws is crucial.

Inferior screws rust, discoloring the panels and spreading corrosion. Cheaply made screws with cut-rate washers lead to leaking problems.

RHINO supplies only weather-resistant cast zinc-head aluminum screws for its metal panels. These die-cast screws deliver high torsion strength. The self-drilling tip provides fast and easy installation.

Made to match the color of the steel panels, RHINO sheathing screws present a more professional and pleasing appearance for a steel building. These fasteners come with a lifetime warranty against corrosion on the zinc head.

The sealing washers on the RHINO panel fasteners seal the structure from heat, cold, and moisture. EPDM synthetic washers stand up to extreme heat and UV-ray deterioration better than other washers on the market today.

Building It Right and Tight with RHINO

RHINO believes in providing a first-class product— right down to the nuts, bolts, and screws.

In the past twelve months, repeat customers (and their referrals) generated 30% of RHINO’s sales. We believe that says a lot about our products and our level of service. We promise first-class service— before, during, and after the steel building sale.

Join the herd of satisfied clients hooked on RHINO!

Let us demonstrate The RHINO Difference to you. Call 855.269.3632 now for your next building project quote or to learn about metal building hardware. You will be glad you did!