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The Versatility of a 40 x 60 Steel Building

What Could You Do with 2,400 sq. ft. of Unobstructed Space?

A 40 x 60 steel building adapts easily to so many different end uses.  Aviators, farmers, ranchers, real estate investors, small business owners, manufacturers, and homeowners all love 40 x 60 metal buildings.  They’ve discovered that this versatile, mid-sized building beauty offers the most bang-for-the-building-buck for many needs.

The Metal Building Sweet Spot

smiling man in front of a white 40 x 60 steel building with tan trimEvery business has a “sweet spot”— the one product or service that seems to best fit the needs and budget of the largest number of their customers.  At RHINO Steel Building Systems, our “sweet spot” is the 40 x 60 metal building kit.

So why is the 40-foot x 60-foot steel building size so popular?  Well, there are several answers to that question.

The number one reason is that the 40 x 60 price is right.  You simply get more building for your building dollars in this size range.

Certainly, smaller buildings cost less overall.  However, the 40-foot wide pre-engineered framing produces a lower cost-per-square foot than smaller structures.  In fact, regardless of the length, the 40-foot-wide clear span steel frame creates the ideal amount of open space with the least amount of steel.

While larger structures may produce an even lower cost-per-square-foot, their greater size goes beyond the needs of many people.

Another reason that the 40 x 60 metal building remains so popular year after year is the versatility of that size.  The same framing, with minor cosmetic changes, exactly suits so many building needs. Our steel buildings have an endless range of uses.

Single Use Applications for a 40 x 60 Steel Building

There is really no limit to the possibilities for this 2,400 clear span gem.  Here are just a few ideas for the single-purpose use of a 40 x 60 metal structure:

  • AGRICULTURE: Barns, equipment storage, hay sheds, livestock shelters, stables
  • AVIATION: Hangars, aircraft shade shelters, aircraft park hangar, aviation offices
  • COMMERCIAL: Retail stores, specialty shops
  • COMMUNITY: Small town municipal offices, rural firehouses, park picnic shelters, senior centers
  • INDUSTRIAL: Smaller manufacturing plants, small company online fulfillment centers, warehouses, machine or welding shops
  • INVESTMENT: Real estate leasing property for industrial parks, offices, warehouses, etc.
  • PERSONAL: Barndominium, boat storage, RV garage, storage building, man-cave (or woman-cave), hobby shop, mother-in-law apartment
  • RESTAURANTS: Dine-in/carry-out restaurants, coffee shops
  • VENUES: Mid-sized wedding and part venues or banquet facilities

Mixed-Use Metal Buildings

Many people find this 2,400 square foot size allows room for a mixed-purpose structure.  For example, you might want half the structure to be a garage and use the other half as a shop.  Or carve out one portion for your favorite hobby and use the remaining area as extra storage.

The mixed-use possibilities for a 40 x 60 metal building are limited only by your imagination!

How a 40 x 60 Steel Building Adapts to New Uses

Because the steel framing is completely self-supporting, the building interior is column-free.  A clear span structure frees the building owner to create any floor plan needed— and to change that floor plan as desired.

This easy floor plan adaptability rates high with real estate investors.  Their properties often need to be remodeled when clients change.

In addition, prefabricated steel buildings do not have to look like metal buildings.  RHINO’s structures adapt easily to any exterior style you desire, including brick, stone, stucco, wainscoting, glass, and tilt-up concrete.

Order a RHINO 40 x 60 Metal Building Today

Inforgraphic of "The Unlimited Possibilities of Steel Buildings"The majority of our 40 x 60 steel building orders call for a 12’ or 14’ eave height.  However, be advised that any height— even 40’ or more— is possible with our structures.

Should you need more than 2,400 square feet of space— but have a lot that limits the base size— you might consider making your 40 x 60 structure two-stories tall, adding a steel mezzanine flooring system.

Please note that pre-engineered steel building kits measure from the outside of the steel framing.  Consequently, the 2,400 square foot designation of a 40 x 60 steel building includes the exterior framing walls.  Therefore, usable interior will be slightly smaller.

Also, note that metal building height measurements indicate the eave height, not the overall building height or ceiling height.

Talk to a RHINO steel building adviser today at 940.383.9566.  They can help you choose the accessories and options that best fit your project and your budget.  These experienced professionals will help you determine the best size for your needs and get you a fast, free steel building quote.