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50 Reasons to Love Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Why Steel Claims 73% of Commercial/Industrial Construction

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Large steel building under construction in an industrial park with headline "50 reasons to love Metal Buildings"Pre-engineered metal buildings have long ruled agricultural and aviation construction markets. Today steel buildings reign supreme in low-rise commercial and industrial construction, too. In fact, steel frames 65% of commercial low-rise projects and 95% of industrial new construction.

How has steel so thoroughly routed competing building systems?

I’ll give you 50 reasons for the astounding dominance of pre-engineered metal buildings…

Pocketbook-Friendly Metal Buildings

1. Pre-engineered steel buildings are the most cost-effective building system available.

2. High-tech engineering and design software simplifies the process and makes the most efficient use of steel, keeping prices low.

3. RHINO steel buildings included pre-welded clips, eliminating time-consuming field welding.

4. RHINO’s metal buildings ship from the factory closest to the delivery point to keep shipping charges minimal.

5. Structures ship quickly, delivering within four to seven weeks after ordering.

6. Building officials are very familiar with pre-engineered metal buildings, simplifying the permitting process.

7. Commercial-grade steel’s strength means far fewer structural pieces create a much sturdier building.

8. Fewer pieces equal less weight on the foundation, reducing foundation costs.

9. All steel framing cut, welded, drilled, painted, and marked at the factory, cutting construction time by one third— slashing labor costs.

10. The shorter construction time saves money on the builder’s risk insurance, too.

11. The faster the building is completed, the quicker the occupancy.

12. A pre-engineered building yields far less waste, reducing jobsite cleanup expenses. Any steel scrap left sells to the nearest recycling center.

13. Steel’s fire-resistant qualities earn lower premiums with most insurance carriers.

14. A RHINO steel building with the Pro-Value Insulation Package cuts heating and cooling bills as much as 50%.

15. No termite can make a meal of steel. There is no need for costly chemical treatments— or for major repairs caused by wood-munching termites.

16. Steel buildings require very little upkeep, saving big bucks on long-term maintenance.

17. Practically ageless, pre-engineered metal buildings retain exceptional value for decades longer than other structures.

People-Friendly Metal Buildings

18. Inorganic steel never molds or mildews, creating a healthier, more breathable indoor air quality.

19. Steel never outgasses, nor releases asthma-inflaming volatile organic compounds as glued-laden wood products do.

20. Since steel resists termites, there’s no need to use those dangerous harsh chemical treatments that muddle indoor air quality.

21. Fire-resistant metal framing does not ignite.

22. A steel building cannot contribute fuel to a structural fire like wood framing does.

23. A well-insulated metal building dramatically reduces outside noise, creating a healthier indoor environment.

24. Sophisticated 3-D design analysis assures structural integrity for the best possible protection.

25. Steel buildings withstand damage from earthquakes, winds, snows, hail and other weather extremes better than lumber structures.

26. A well-grounded steel building discourages lightning damage, passing the current through the steel and harmlessly into the ground.

Quality-Assured Metal Buildings

27. Steel boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any modern building material.

28. RHINO steel building components are manufactured to strict industry-controlled standards.

29. Every piece of a RHINO metal building signifies consistent, verifiable quality.

30. Factory-made steel components stay straight and strong for the lifetime, keeping the structure perfectly aligned and draft free over decades of use.

31. Windows and doors continue to close easily throughout the lifetime of the building.

32. Dimensionally stable steel never changes shape with shifting moisture content the way wood framing does. Steel never bows, cracks, creeps, warps, splits, twists, or rots.

33. Metal building components connect with high-strength bolt and screws, not nails and staples.

34. Steel builders do not put up with all the “call backs” so common with other construction methods.

35. All RHINO final plans are stamped by an engineer licensed in that state.

36. Pre-engineering allows every structure to be produced to the customer’s individual requirements.

37. Clear span steel buildings promise endless floor plan possibilities, with no restrictive load-bearing walls required.

38. RHINO steel framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes (at the time of purchase) for the lifetime of the structure!

Planet-Friendly Metal Buildings

In infographic that shows 15 benefits provided by steel buildings39. Steel is the most recycled material on our planet.

40. North Americans recycle eighty million tons of steel annually.

41. Steel is 100% recyclable, yet never loses any strength, regardless of the number of times it recycles. No other material can make that claim.

42. A well-insulated steel building—like those with RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation System—saves energy, reducing the carbon footprint of the structure.

43. Metal buildings last longer than other types of structures, lessening the environmental impact of the structure.

44. Steel production actually requires recycled steel.

45. Structural steel averages 77% recycled content. 

46. Steel framing never needs to be discarded into an over-flowing, leeching landfill.

47. Recycled steel lives on as automobiles, food cans, bridges, ships, railroads, appliances— or even another metal building!

48. Modern steel is stronger than ever before, allowing less steel to support even greater weights.

49. Each year steel recycling saves enough energy to power to 18 million households.

50. Building with steel instead of wood saves trees. Since trees convert carbon dioxide into life-sustaining oxygen, the more living trees we have, the better our air quality.

Nothing’s Built Like a RHINO

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