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The Versatility of a 40 x 60 Steel Building

What Could You Do with 2,400 sq. ft. of Unobstructed Space? A 40 x 60 steel building adapts easily to so many different end uses.  Aviators, farmers, ranchers, real estate investors, small business owners, manufacturers, and homeowners all love 40 x 60 metal buildings.  They’ve discovered that this versatile, mid-sized building beauty offers the most bang-for-the-building-buck for many needs. The Metal Building Sweet Spot Every business has a “sweet spot”— the one product or service that seems to best fit… Read More

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Guidelines for Metal Building Sizing

Defining the Parameters for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Before choosing a metal building size, it is helpful to know a few basic guidelines. To start with, let’s get a couple of common misconceptions out of the way. First of all, someone new to pre-engineered steel buildings often has the mistaken idea there are prescribed sizes from which to choose. Truth is, there are no “standard” models in metal buildings. Every RHINO steel building is designed to the customer’s exact wishes and… Read More

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The Clear Span Steel Building Alternative

Choosing Between Multi-Span and Clear Span Buildings We covered the many uses for a clear span steel building in our last post, but not every structure needs to be free of interior columns. For such applications, a multi-span metal building (also known as modular framing) may offer a better buy. Multi-Span vs. Clear Span Steel Buildings Some types of structures simply demand unobstructed space. Gymnasiums, aircraft hangars, horseback riding arenas, church sanctuaries, and large equipment storage buildings cannot function efficiently… Read More

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30×40 METAL

Practical and Economical At RHINO Steel Building Systems, we sell prefabricated metal buildings for every purpose under the sun.  Although we can deliver any low-rise building size required, we have several basic sizes remain popular year after year.  Our 30’ x 40’ metal building represents one of those most-ordered structures. Whether you are interested in a small metal building for home or business, the 30’ x 40’ metal building could be the perfect fit for you. Multi-Purpose Garages with a… Read More

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30×50 METAL

Multiple Uses for Home or Business Choosing a metal building requires a firm grasp on your lot dimensions, local building restrictions, the intended use for the structure, and your building budget.  Whether for personal use or business application, many people find a 30’ x 50’ metal building exactly fits their requirements. Personal Uses for a 30 x 50 Metal Building Perhaps 1,500 square feet may not sound like a lot of space— given that the median size of the 2,500… Read More

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Limited Only by Your Imagination A 30’ x 50’ and a 40’ x 40’ metal building differ vary little in actual square footage, but the best end uses for each may be radically different. Using a 40 x 40 Metal Building as a Residential Garage If your property allows space for the wider 40’x 40’ metal building, you may find the square-shaped building has real advantages over the rectangular 30’ x 50’. For example, the wider 40’ structure allows for… Read More

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Commercial or Personal Applications About half the rural homes you see possess at least one steel-framed outbuilding.  Many homes in residential neighborhoods across America’s towns and cities now also boast metal buildings on the property. That’s because prefabricated metal buildings are the faster, stronger, better way to build— and a great way to increase your property value. A 40 x 50 Metal Building for Residential Use Whether you need storage space, equipment shelter, a guest cottage, an RV garage, or… Read More

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RHINO’s Most Popular Building Without a doubt, the most popular size RHINO structure is the 40’ x 60’ metal building.  One of our most versatile structures, this mid-size building works well for many customers, and in a variety of applications. Although you can order a 40’ x 60’ metal building at any eave height you desire— up to 40’ tall as a standard— the vast majority of our orders at the size have 12’ or 14’ eave heights.  (Eave heights… Read More

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Big Value for Slim Lots Need a medium-sized building for a long, narrow lot? Twice as long as wide, a 40’ x 80’ metal building aptly suits properties with a narrow frontage. While the 40’ x 60’ remains RHINO’s most popular building size, the 40’ x 80’ brings the owner an additional 800 square feet— without increasing the width of the footprint. With 3,200 square feet (measured by the out-to-out of the steel framing), a 40’ x 80’ RHINO metal… Read More

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An All-Purpose Structure What would you do with 5,000 square feet of space?  Whatever the application, a 50’ x 100’ metal building provides room to dream big— and succeed big. 50 x 100 Metal Building: Adaptable for Most Businesses A 50’ x 100’ metal building runs twice as long as its width.  Like the 40’ x 80’, this 2:1 ratio makes a 50’ x 100’ steel building a great choice for businesses requiring two areas of operation— one for the… Read More

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