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Build Steel Structures to Avoid Termites

Defeat Wood Hungry Termites with Metal Prefab Buildings

There are only two ways to avoid costly termite treatments: build in Alaska— the only state free from termite problems, as the pests cannot survive the frigid winters— or build steel structures. 

Build Steel Structures instead of Wood Buildings

Iconic drawing depicting a termite.Building with wood extends an open dinner invitation to termites, but no termite can make a meal of steel.

In lumber-framed structures, there are two ways to try to thwart termites: building with chemically treated wood or paying for periodic termite treatments.

Pesticides developed to eliminate termites are called termiticides. 

Brushing or spraying liquid termiticides on lumber protects it from termites—until it is exposed to flowing water.  Water releases the lumber’s termiticides, contaminating nearby surfaces. 

There are several drawbacks to termiticide sprays:

  • It is difficult to apply chemical sprays perfectly.
  • Determined termites find even the slightest break in the sprayed solution, then breach the chemical barrier and enter the building.
  • A typical barrier termite treatment calls for the application of 150 gallons or more of chemicals around the building.
  • If termites have already found their way inside, a barrier spray simply traps those termites in the building.

Metal Prefab Buildings or Costly Termite Treatments?

Close-up photo of creepy termites.Older barrier treatments were more effective in killing termites than the chemicals used today.  However, they were dangerous to the environment, so manufacturers ceased production in 1987.

While today’s barrier termiticides are safer environmentally, they are sometimes misused. 

Abusing the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety guidelines for termite treatments can be dangerous.  Consequently, the EPA does not recommend do-it-yourself termite spray application.

Warning from the EPA about the toxic nature of termite treatments.Even more sobering, prolonged or chronic exposure to insecticides like termiticides can increase the risk of pancreases and liver problems, certain cancers, tremors, seizures, and fertility problems. Therefore, you should consider all pesticides as potentially dangerous. 

Although more expensive, termite baits may be a safer alternative to barrier termiticides.

However, in areas of the country where formidable Formosan and damp-wood termites dwell, fumigation may be the only effective treatment.

RHINO Steel Building Systems

A RHINO prefabricated building provides no organic framing to attract those wood-eating termites. 

In addition, when you choose RHINO’s steel-framed termite proof construction, you also eliminate an organic material for mold and mildew to feed on, too.

Conclusion: Build Steel-Framed Buildings to Thwart Termites

You can avoid future termite troubles if you build a steel prefabricated building. 

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 (Updated 1-27-2021.  Originally published 6-22-2018.)