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Can I Build My Own Metal Building?

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings: The Do-It-Yourselfers’ Delight

At RHINO Steel Building Systems we are often asked, “Can I build my own metal building?” The quick answer is, “Probably.”

To the serious do-it-yourselfer, erecting their own steel building seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. After all, putting up the structure yourself saves money— and brings enormous satisfaction.

tan metal building with rust-brown trim in rural setting and smiling man in hard hat giving a "thumbs up" and headline "Can I Build My Own Metal Building?"Besides, it’s just plain fun! A RHINO metal building is like an adult-sized version of a kid’s erector set.

And prefabrication takes the guesswork out of metal building construction. The kit arrives with every piece already cut, punched, painted, and ready to assemble. No welding is required for DIY building kit assembly. Every piece is clearly marked to correspond to location on the plans.

The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Dilemma

So, how do you know if you are ready for DIY building kit assembly?

In general, the most successful metal building do-it-yourselfers:

  • Have some prior construction experience
  • Know dependable friends or family members willing to help
  • Study the building manual thoroughly before starting construction
  • Follow all the safety instructions in the manual carefully
  • Work on small to medium-sized building projects
  • Call RHINO immediately with any questions

How Much Can I Save by Erecting My Own Metal Building?

Raising your own building saves big bucks over hiring a contractor to do the job. An experienced metal building erection crew generally costs $3.50 to $4.00 per square foot, including trim and insulation installation.

Estimate the costs of doing it yourself, in both time and money. Find out what equipment you will need to buy and rent for the job— screw guns, hard hats, gloves, forklift, scissor lift, crane, etc. Get quotes on the necessary equipment— and for an operator, if needed.

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Study the RHINO Installation Manual. Take careful note of the safety precautions. RHINO also offers an Installation Video on DVD for $25 (which is rebated upon purchase of a RHINO building).

If you are confident of your abilities and your understanding of the metal building erection process, go for it. If you have any doubts, it may be wiser to hire an experienced contractor and erection crew.

Ultimately, only you can decide if you ready to erect your own steel building.

Speak to a RHINO Metal Building Specialist Today

Many of RHINO’s customers opt to assemble their own steel buildings with phenomenal results. In fact, half of our clients erect their own framing.

“The building went up without a hitch; everything bolted up with little effort.” — Jay Welden

“RHINO… followed up quickly and even after the building was paid for and delivered they continued to check up until and throughout the erection process.” — Willis Ponds

“The building went together very easily and all parts were included in the pre-engineered structure. Good experience working with RHINO Building.” — Wayne Hawk

Over the years, our experts have encountered every conceivable building challenge. We are well equipped to answer your every question about DIY building kit assembly. Give us a call today at 940.383.9566.