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Steel Horse Stables and Horse Barn Kits

7 Reasons Perceptive Equestrians Choose Metal Buildings

Graphic image of a steel horse barn.RHINO steel horse stables and metal horse barns are the clear winners of equestrian structures.

And with an estimated 7.2 million horses living in the U.S., steel stables and metal horse barns are just the beginning.

Many larger equestrian operations also employ steel buildings as open air or indoor riding arenas, hay sheds, equipment shelters, feeding sheds, tack sheds, and other buildings for horses.

So Why Choose Steel Horse Stable Buildings and Horse Barn Kits?

PRICE: Taking advantage of the superior strength of steel, prefab steel buildings create the strongest horse barn kits with the least amount of material, making them both efficient and economical.

Photo of a gorgeous RHINO horse stables with a red metal roof.SPACE:  Maneuverability matters in buildings for horses.  Unobstructed space provides the safest and most comfortable environment for both horses and their caregivers.

A RHINO pre-engineered metal building spans up to 300-feet without any interior support columns.  Thus, steel buildings are perfect for riding and training arenas, as well as horse stable buildings, metal horse barns, equipment shelters, and other buildings for horses.

FLEXIBILITY:  RHINO’s prefabricated structures allow horse stable buildings and horse barns to be any length.  In addition, increasing the building’s length later is both simple and economical.

Photo of a huge RHINO steel barn at sunset.HEIGHT:  Our prefab building system allows structural heights of 40 feet or more.  Consequently, ranchers may opt to build offices above the barn or stable floor.

The taller ceilings also work well for hay and grain storage, and equipment shelters.

FAST and EASY:  Do-it-yourselfers by nature, many horse lovers may want to erect their stable and horse barn kits themselves to save money.

RHINO steel buildings arrive ready to assemble, with all framing prefabricated and marked for identification.

It’s like putting together an adult-sized erector set!

LOW MAINTENANCE:  Whether you have a single horse or a huge herd, you want to spend your time with your stock— not constantly repairing and painting your structures.

Fortunately, RHINO steel buildings for horses are very low maintenance.

Photo of the interior of a RHINO steel stables.DURABILITY:  RHINO structures go up straight and true— and they stay that way, decade after decade.

In fact, all RHINO steel buildings are engineer-certified to meet or exceed all current local buildings codes— for the lifetime of the structure!

Our structures also provide built-in resistance to damage from extreme weather, earthquakes, fire, mold, and even termites.

When Green Building Matters, Choose Steel Buildings

Horse owners respect the land.  Consequently, green building products and practices are important to them.  And as the most recycled material on the planet, steel reigns supreme as the greenest building material.

Did you know that steel never loses any of its strength, no matter how many times it is recycled?

In fact, when metal stables and horse barns outlive their usefulness, the steel can be sold as scrap and recycled once again.

Conclusion: All Your Buildings for Horses Should be RHINO Steel Buildings

Photo of a hose standing before a steel open air riding arena.Call RHINO Steel Building Systems today at 940.383.9566.  Learn more about our attractive and stylish structures for ranch and farm operations.

Ask one of our experienced rural building specialists for a free quote on the next equestrian building project on your horizon.

Also, be sure to ask about all the options available from RHINO, like gutters, overhead doors, insulation packages, and skylights.

(Updated 9-8-2021.  Originally published 5-18-2018.)