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Equestrian Buildings

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Steel Stables and Horse Barns

7 Reasons Discriminating Equestrians Choose Metal Buildings After the exciting win by Justify at the 144th Kentucky Derby earlier this month, now seems the perfect time to discuss stables and horse barns.  Steel buildings are the clear winners in the structural “run for the roses” of equestrian operations. And with an estimated 9.2 million horses living in the U.S., stables and horse barns are just the beginning. Many larger equestrian operations also employ steel buildings as covered or indoor riding… Read More

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Metal Barns and Outbuildings for Rural Living

Improving Life and Property Value with Steel Outbuildings Metal barns and outbuildings dot the countryside everywhere you go. Across the heartland—and in rural areas just outside major metropolitan areas—peaceful country homestead, farm, and ranch properties include steel buildings. The Numbers on Living in the Country According to the latest statistics on rural dwellers: 46.1 million U.S. residents now live in non-metro counties 14% of the population lives on 72% of the nation’s land mass 81% of rural dwellers are homeowners… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Horses

Steel Frames the Best Barns, Stables, and Riding Arenas Equestrian enthusiasts appreciate the advantages supplied by metal buildings for horses. Whatever the need, pre-engineered steel buildings deliver the most durable structure at the best price. For the Love of Horses The love of horses runs deep in our history. America was literally explored and expanded by adventurers and pioneers on horseback. Horses pulled the covered wagons that brought settlers across the land. Freight wagons drawn by horses brought supplies to… Read More

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Veterinary Clinic Chooses RHINO Steel Buildings

Outlaw Equine Selects on RHINO for Its New Facility Outlaw Equine Hospital and Rehab Center began construction of a new state-of-the-art veterinary clinic in 2012. Determined to offer the finest care for horses in all of North Texas, Outlaw Equine chose RHINO Steel Building Systems to house the new facility. Medical Care for Equine Athletes Josh Harvey, DVM, opened the Outlaw Equine (OE) in 2007. Veterinarian medicine runs in the blood of some families. “My father was a vet and… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Veterinary Facilities

Why So Many Veterinarians Choose Steel Buildings Whether building a new practice from scratch or expanding a current operation, metal buildings fit the bill for all types of veterinary facilities. Pre-engineered steel buildings deliver greater usable space, simpler customization, and faster construction than other methods for building a kennel facility or vet clinic. Surprisingly affordable, metal buildings promise more bang for the buck now— plus lower expenses over time. Lower maintenance and discounted insurance premiums reduce metal building operating costs.… Read More

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 3

Why Roof-Only Farm Buildings are Gaining in Popularity One of the agricultural building trends we cited in part one of this series was the increasing number of roof-only farm and ranch structures. There are two main reasons for the recent upsurge in unenclosed agricultural construction. First, open-walled, agricultural building kits make movement easier. Today’s massive farm equipment does not turn on a dime. Maneuvering in and out of a wall-less structure is much simpler than fitting through a tight doorway.… Read More

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 2

21 Reasons Perceptive Farmers and Ranchers Choose Steel Buildings In part one of this series on agricultural building trends, we learned both farms and farming equipment are much larger today. Barns and other farm buildings must increase in size. Consequently, agricultural steel building sales are on the rise. Why are so many farmers and ranchers choosing to build with steel? Pre-engineered steel buildings are the only structures that meet the demands of 21st century farming operations. 21 Benefits of Steel… Read More

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Building Green Down on the Farm

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings People who enjoy country living favor building green, eco-friendly structures on their rural properties. Whether their country home represents a retreat from urban life or their livelihood, rural dwellers love the land. Country people are, by nature, conservationists. Environment preservation is important to them, and so is eco-friendly green building. Farmers and ranchers were the first to appreciate and build with steel. Even before the environmental movement gained national support, those who… Read More

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Why Ranchers Love Steel Barns and Riding Arenas

The Benefits of Metal Buildings for Horse and Cattle Ranchers When it is time to rebuild or expand, smart ranchers choose pre-engineered steel barns and metal structures. Metal barns, steel riding arenas and stables, serve ranch operations better— and much longer— than structures built with other materials. Pre-engineered steel buildings are easy to afford, easy to erect, and easy to maintain. Pre-engineered Metal Barns and Ranch Buildings Save TIME Cattle ranchers and horse breeders want to spend their time working… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Indoor Riding Arenas

Indoor Riding Arenas: A Fiery Horse with the Speed of Light… Most American kids grow up loving horses. If you are like me, your first heroes were probably TV cowboys galloping to the rescue on magnificent horses, manes flashing and hooves flying.  We could just imagine ourselves riding alongside our favorite Western idols. Perhaps you remember some of these: Roy Rogers in all his fringed western finery with his great palomino Trigger. Dale Evans with her mare Buttermilk. Gene Autry… Read More

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