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Why Steel Buildings Make the Best Restaurants

7 Reasons Most Restauranteurs Choose Metal Buildings

Steel buildings now claim 65% of all new commercial construction, including restaurants.

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) earned their market dominance the same way all successful products do— by providing greater benefits than the competition.

Smiling young chef in restaurant kitchen with the text "Seven Reasons Steel Buildings Make the Best Restaurants"America’s Changing Eating Habits

Last year, for the first time in history, Americans spent more on eating out than eating in.

The National Restaurant Association offers the following facts:

  • 40% of Americans confess eating out is an essential part of their lifestyle.
  • 80% deem eating out with friends and family a better use of their time than cooking and cleaning up at home.
  • Restaurant sales in the U.S. will reach $799 billion in 2017. That’s 4% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.
  • 14.7 million people now work in the U.S. food service industry— 10% of the U.S. workforce.
  • Half of all Americans have worked in the food service industry at some point during their careers.
  • 70% of U.S. restaurants are single unit operations.

Obviously, owning a restaurant represents a terrific opportunity today.

Want to cash in on the booming trend of eating out?

Now is the time to get started. And steel buildings present the most sensible way to build your dream restaurant.

7 Benefits of Steel Building Restaurants

While there are numerous advantages of building any commercial or industrial building with a PEMB, there are seven benefits especially important in the restaurant business.

#1. Fire-Resistant: The strength of steel provides great protection from damages from snow, wind, earthquakes, mold, and lightning. But its most attractive feature for restaurant owners is steel fire resistance.

According to the latest statistics, 5,900 restaurants experience fires each year in the U.S. Consequently, the strongest argument for building a restaurant with a PEMB package is that steel is non-combustible.

Cooking is the leading cause restaurant fires. About 3.7% of restaurant fires start in a wall. Structural steel never ignites, nor does steel add fuel to fire like wood framing.

Not only does steel provide built-in fire resistance, it also saves money on property insurance. Most carriers offer big discounts for structures framed with commercial-grade steel, based on the non-combustible nature of the steel framing.

#2. Affordable: The restaurant business is like every other business, the bottom line rules. No matter what the benefits of a building system, if it is not economical, it isn’t right for the budget.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are surprisingly affordable. The streamlined operation allows PEMBs to be factory-produced with extreme efficiency. The strength of steel means fewer pieces create a much stronger structure than with other building systems.

#3. Speedy: Since all the framing pieces arrive ready to assemble, no time is lost culling, measuring, cutting, and nailing the framing. PEMBs reduce construction time by 33% or more, cutting labor costs significantly— and getting the business up and running even sooner.

#4. Versatile: Steel buildings have the strength to span greater distances than other construction methods. No support columns or load-bearing walls need break up your dining room with a PEMB. Not only does that allow room for more customers, it also provides the flexibility to change the layout as needed.

While a nice barbeque restaurant may benefit from a “barn” metal building look, most restaurants require different exteriors to capture the right look for their operation. That is no problem with steel buildings. Any traditional building material can be added to a PEMB exterior. Use glass, brick, stucco, stone, tilt-up concrete, or wood to set the mood for your restaurant.

#5. Lower Operating Costs: Metal building create deep wall cavities, allowing room for much thicker insulation. RHINO Steel Building Systems’ Pro-Value insulation package includes extra-thick batt insulation, vapor barriers, and thermal-break insulation.

“We erected the framing of the first buildings last fall, and worked inside during the winter,” says Jacek Zak, speaking about his building project for Andy’s Deli and sausage factory in Wisconsin. “The buildings were so well insulated with the Pro-Value insulation that we never had to heat the building all winter. Honestly, it was unbelievable.”

Most RHINO customers report saving 50% on their heating and cooling costs.

RHINO’s extra-thick insulation also helps muffles outside noise, particularly important for a restaurant in a high-traffic area.

PEMBs are low maintenance, too, saving even more on operating costs.

#6. Value: Building a commercial structure of any kind represents an investment. Should the time come when you want to sell the structure, you will want the most bang for your buck.

Steel buildings last for decades longer than other building systems. And PEMBs retain their beauty and value better, too.

#7. Eco-Friendly: Steel trumps all other “green” building materials in two ways.

First, steel is the most recycled material in the world.

Secondly, steel is the only building material that never loses any of its strength, no matter how many times it is recycled. What other material can make that claim?

Building a 10,000 sq. ft. wood-framed restaurant requires the lumber harvested from about 200-250 trees— about five acres of forestland. The same eatery could be constructed the steel recycled from 30-40 old junked cars. What could be more eco-friendly than that?

Charge into the Restaurant Business with RHINO

Successful builder and restaurateur Rick Moore chose RHINO Steel Building Systems for his Denton, Texas bar and grill, The Poorhouse Grill.

“The RHINO customer service support was excellent,” says Moore. “I am very pleased with the whole experience and with the building itself. I’ll definitely use RHINO again for other building projects.”

RHINO delivers steel buildings to all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Multiple shipping points across the U.S. keep shipping costs low.

For more information about constructing a new restaurant or other building project with RHINO, call 940.383.9566. Free quotes are available upon request.