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Steel Building Benefits

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Why Are Prefab Metal Buildings So Popular?

Nine Reasons Steel Structures Are the Best Choice There is a new construction champion today: prefab metal buildings. Traditional wood framing once controlled all low-rise construction.  Traditional builders had an “if-it-works-don’t-fix-it mentality” about building with lumber.  Wood building was tried, true, and familiar.  If it was good enough for grandpa, it is good enough for us, right? Thankfully, those days are gone. Steel now earns 65% of all commercial construction and 95% of all industrial building. Today’s pre-engineered red-iron steel… Read More

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Prefab Metal Buildings for Auto Parts Businesses

Why Steel Buildings House Auto Parts Operations No other construction system matches the advantages of prefab metal buildings for auto parts businesses.  In fact, that’s why steel dominates all commercial and industrial building today. Why Choose Prefab Metal Buildings for Auto Parts Businesses Why should the auto parts industry be interested in steel buildings? Because their market, like many others, is changing rapidly.  Here are two reasons why: Old Car Maintenance:  Today’s drivers keep their cars far longer.  Shockingly, the… Read More

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How do Prefab Metal Buildings Differ from Other Buildings?

Eleven Ways Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Beat Other Construction Methods First, let’s look at how prefab metal buildings differ from traditional structures. All conventional construction methods require skilled workers to laboriously create the building on site, piece by piece. Carpenters measure, saw, level, assemble and nail the wood-framed structures together one stick at a time.  (Hence the name, “stick-building.”) Light-gauge steel framers use the same basic process.  They simply substitute steel studs for wooden ones, then assemble the framing with screw… Read More

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7 Quick Steel Building Facts

Prefab Metal Buildings: The Lean, Green, Building Machine The pre-engineered steel building facts speak for themselves, and RHINO has lots of steel framing info to offer. Steel now boasts 65% of new commercial construction— and 95% of new industrial building.  The reasons for steel’s market dominance are simple. Fact #1: Steel is a Bargain Pre-engineered steel’s low cost-per-square-foot should not surprise people, but it does. Like any other business, builders focus hard on the bottom line.  If metal buildings weren’t… Read More

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Steel Buildings: Getting Better All the Time

7 High-Tech Advances in Prefab Metal Buildings Today’s steel buildings are not the same as in grandpa’s day.  With better steel building technology, buildings are now stronger, safer, simpler, and smarter than ever before. Advances in Steel Production As in most industries, expanding technology revolutionized steel production in recent decades. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), steel productivity has tripled since the 1980s.  For example, thirty-eight years ago it took ten man-hours to produce one ton of… Read More

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The Quality Assurance of Prefab Metal Buildings

Factory-Made Buildings Outshine Field-Fabricated Construction Prefab metal buildings reduce construction errors.  It all boils down to quality control. Assuring the Quality of Building Materials Both wood and concrete building lack material consistency. Lumber’s strength varies drastically from tree species to species. Most of today’s wood comes from smaller, younger, weaker trees.  Consequently, much of the lumber is flawed.  Builders must often settle for wood with knots, bark, splits, twists, missing chunks, and other defects. How can you rely on the… Read More

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Why Inspectors Love Metal Building Kits

How Pre-engineering Simplifies Inspections for Steel Buildings How does the pre-engineering of metal building kits streamline the building inspection process? A quality steel building company supplies detailed documentation for the building.  Consequently, the building inspector’s focus shifts more toward ensuring the kit assembles exactly as specified. While often viewed as a pain and a hassle, building inspections actually benefit builders. Knowing they must pass inspection keeps builders determined to build it right the first time.  They know tearing down improperly… Read More

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15 Reasons for the Popularity of the PEMB

Why Would You Build with Anything Else? A pre-engineered metal building, also known as a PEMB, saves you time, money, and hassles.  Is it any wonder that steel now frames over 66% of all new low-rise commercial and industrial projects? So why should you use a PEMB for your next construction project?  The following fifteen reasons show why PEMBs are the clear winner among popular construction companies. A PEMB Saves Time Look at the ways a pre-engineered metal building kit… Read More

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Metal Buildings Cut Costs Today and Tomorrow

Save Money on Construction and Operating Costs with PEMBs Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) cost less to buy and build that other traditional buildings systems.  However, that is just half the story.  PEMBs continue to save you money after construction. How Metal Buildings Cut Material Costs There is a reason you never see a high-rise building framed with lumber or concrete. The same incredible strength that supports today’s skyscrapers also frames over 50% of today’s commercial low-rise structures and 95% of… Read More

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Nothing Can Make a Meal of a Steel Building

How Metal Buildings Beat Wood-Eating Creepy Crawlers A steel building offers many advantages over a wood building.  Lumber simply cannot compete with steel’s strength and durability. However, one of the strongest arguments for building with steel instead of wood is that steel does not invite creepy crawlers or critters to dinner. Organic Wood vs. Inorganic Steel Wood is organic.  It comes from living organisms: trees. As an organic material, lumber is edible.  It presents a tasty treat to many living… Read More

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