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Steel Building Distribution Centers

Why Import Warehouses and Fulfillment Centers are Steel Structures Steel building distribution centers and other warehouse-type operations cover the U.S. today.  Gigantic steel buildings play a pivotal role in the success of these product-dispersing facilities. Defining the Warehousing Players Over 10,000 commercial businesses participate in the ebb and flow of material goods in the U.S.  The major types of warehousing include: Distribution Centers:  Regionally placed distribution centers take in products from manufacturers, and then quickly redistribute the goods to their… Read More

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A Steel Warehouse is a Green Warehouse

28 Reasons to Use Sustainable Steel for Warehouse Construction Practically every consumer product spends time in a steel warehouse before it makes its way to our door. Steel framing dominates industrial construction. It grabs a shocking 95% of the market. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide the benefits warehouse operations demand: open space, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Steel warehouse advantages include: Simple customization Affordable construction Fast framing erection Ultra-width Elevated height Unrestricted length Unobstructed space Extra-wide openings Built-in damage resistance Lower operating costs Minimal… Read More

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Why Steel Buildings Claim 95% of the Industrial Market

Metal Buildings Reign Supreme in Industrial Construction No other product so thoroughly dominates its market as steel buildings do in the industrial construction market. Today steel framing grabs a shocking ninety-five percent of all new industrial construction. What gives steel buildings such a powerful edge in the industrial market? Ten Greatest Strengths of Industrial Steel Buildings There are numerous advantages of metal construction— especially with pre-engineered steel building systems— that attract industrial buyers. Here are the top ten reasons industry… Read More

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17 Reasons to Choose Steel Warehouses

Why Steel Dominates Distribution Center and Warehouse Building Industrial builders overwhelming choose to build steel warehouses and distribution centers. Steel frames 95% of all new low-rise industrial construction. Steel’s market share of the mega warehouse and distribution center market soars even higher. Covering 500,000 square feet or more, these sprawling building behemoths are impractical with any other structural material. What makes steel the building material of choice for industry?  Here are 17 reasons steel leads the industrial building market: Strong… Read More

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The Rise of the Mega Warehouses

What’s Driving the Growth of Gigantic Distribution Centers Washington state not only boasts the world’s largest steel building, it is also home to the king of the mega warehouses— the Target Import Distribution Center. The 2,000,000 square foot Target Import Distribution Center opened in April 2003 in Lacey, Washington. With a total volume of 262.4 million cubic feet, the Target structure is the second largest building in the world. Only the monstrous Boeing Aircraft Plant in Everett, Washington, tops it.… Read More

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RHINO-Tough Steel Warehouses- Part 1

Have you ever thought about the importance of warehousing? Warehouses present unique challenges. The warehouse owner wants warehouse construction that is quick, and reduces erection costs.  Their warehouse needs to be built strong to protect their inventories. A wide, open span structure is essential to maximize a warehouse’s maneuverability and storage capacity.  Warehouses also require extra protection against the elements, vermin, and fire. Many warehouse owners choose RHINO as their source for steel prefabricated warehouses. Practically everything we buy is sheltered… Read More

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RHINO-Tough Steel Warehouses- Part 2

RHINO steel building warehouses are a “green” way to build. In part 1 of this two-part blog on steel warehouse buildings, we gave you the basic needs to consider when buying a building.  Part 2 will continue showing why RHINO prefab warehouses are the ideal structures for warehousing and clear span buildings. Sustainability and ecological-friendly building issues are important in the construction of any commercial or clear span building, including prefab warehouses. Red-iron is an incredibly “green” construction material because of… Read More

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