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History of Steel

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A Tribute to American Gas Stations

From Crude Wood Sheds to Sleek Steel Stores Gas stations today are so common and convenient, we never give them a thought— until we run low on fuel.  Yet, they hold a fascinating place in American history. The Quest for Petro Early motorists hauled fuel in cans or buckets from wherever they could find it available at hardware stores, pharmacies, blacksmith shops, or livery stables.  Horse-drawn wagons with tanks delivered the fuel to their commercial customers for resale to motorists.… Read More

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Historic Steel Homes in the U.S.

Milestones in American Residential Steel Framing Steel homes are not a new concept.  In fact, the first steel-framed house in the U.S. arrived on the scene in 1929! The Great Chicago Fire originally sparked interest in steel buildings. In 1871, most of Chicago consisted of wooden buildings, homes, sidewalks, streets, and bridges.  On October 8, a fire began near Michael and Catherine O’Leary’s barn.  Driven by drought conditions and high winds, the small fire soon grew to a raging inferno,… Read More

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Steel Buildings and So Much More

The Many Ways Steel Is Used Today- Part 1 After a life-long career in the metal building industry, I appreciate all the attributes of steel buildings. But did you ever stop to think how many uses there are for steel? Steel is an essential part of modern living. Reliable, robust, resourceful, and recyclable, steel creates the strongest products in the marketplace today. Steel’s versatility makes it ideal for all sorts of products. For example, sheet metal steel ranges from as… Read More

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A Steel Buildings Salute to the Military

RHINO Says “Thank You” to U.S. Veterans Without U.S. military structural innovations, RHINO Steel Buildings Systems might not even be here today. American veterans served our country and defended our freedom at home and abroad. How can we ever thank them enough for that? But as a pre-engineered metal building company, we owe even more to American World War II veterans. We owe our very existence to the military’s development of the first prefabricated steel buildings. Quonset Huts History Early… Read More

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Steel Built the SS Christopher Columbus

An Innovative Marvel in American Maritime History In 1893, the gates opened on the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, unveiling numerous iron and steel built wonders, including a steel-hulled excursion liner christened the SS Christopher Columbus. Planning for the World Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, began in the late 1880s. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. all vied for the privilege of hosting the Exposition. The United States Congress awarded Chicago with the project… Read More

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A Steel Building Obsession

Higgins Armory Museum: A Tribute to the Iron and Steel Industry I am sometimes accused of having a steel building obsession. Certainly, most of my adulthood has been spent in the pre-engineered steel building industry. However, I just discovered I am not the first man obsessed with steel. Compared to John Woodman Higgins, mine is an amateur obsession. A Passion for Steel John Woodman Higgins enthusiasm for iron and steel came naturally. Even as a child, young Higgins showed an… Read More

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Iron and Steel Tools Forged the New World

Metal Tools Were Essential for the Pilgrims’ Progress in America The first settlers in America forged a country with their faith, fortitude— and with their iron and steel implements. Taming the New World required people of great determination and strength. It also strong, durable tools made from skilled European iron and steel craftsmen. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s spend a few minutes exploring the tools the Pilgrims and the Jamestown settlers used to carve a New World out… Read More

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The Rise of the Mega Warehouses

What’s Driving the Growth of Gigantic Distribution Centers Washington state not only boasts the world’s largest steel building, it is also home to the king of the mega warehouses— the Target Import Distribution Center. The 2,000,000 square foot Target Import Distribution Center opened in April 2003 in Lacey, Washington. With a total volume of 262.4 million cubic feet, the Target structure is the second largest building in the world. Only the monstrous Boeing Aircraft Plant in Everett, Washington, tops it.… Read More

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The World’s Largest Steel Building- Part 2

Fascinating Facts about the Most Fantastic Factory on Earth The world’s largest steel building— the Boeing Aircraft Plant in Everett, WA— defies imagination. The “Guinness Book of World Records” proclaims it the largest building— by volume— on the planet. While the construction history of the massive steel structure is fascinating, the day-to-day operations are equally impressive. Fast Facts about the World’s Largest Steel Building The size and scope of the sprawling Boeing Aircraft Plant boggle the mind: The 2,800 workers… Read More

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The World’s Largest Steel Building- Part 1

The Story Behind the Boeing Factory in Everett, Washington You would expect the world’s largest steel building to be a towering skyscraper in a bustling metropolis. You would be wrong. The title of the biggest building on Earth— by volume— belongs to the Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant in Everett, WA. At an astonishing 472 million cubic feet, no other structure comes close to the size of the massive Everett Boeing Plant. What Drove the Need for Such an Enormous Structure?… Read More

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