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Metal Buildings: Doing It Right, Sealing It Tight

Premium-Quality, Rust-Resistant Fasteners for Steel Buildings

The type of fasteners used for metal buildings may seem like an insignificant detail. It is not.

Beware of Rust and Corrosion

Cheap screws rust out. Rust spreads to the steel panels, streaking the steel panels with unsightly rust discoloration.

Closeup of a steel building side panel with streaks of rust caused by cheaply made screwsHowever, rust is much more than a cosmetic problem. Once rust forms, it spreads. Corrosion may eventually causes serious structural problems in metal buildings.

Rusty screws with cheap washers leak. Leaking buildings create havoc, soaking insulation and dripping onto the building’s contents.

Rust can even be dangerous to your health.

Rusty surfaces easily trap tetanus spores. Once the bacterial spores enter a body, they produce tetanospasmin, one of the deadliest neurotoxins known to medical science.

Thankfully, tetanus is very rare in industrialized countries. Still, according to the Mayo Clinic, over a million cases a year are reported worldwide.

RHINO’s Cast Zinc Aluminum Screws

RHINO steel buildings use only top-of-the-line screws with high-grade washers for maximum leak and corrosion protection. High-end screws and washers improve the value and the longevity of steel buildings.

All RHINO metal building kits includes cast zinc aluminum fasteners for all steel panel sheathing. Cast screws resist the shank destruction and head failure common with capped fasteners.

Illustration of a self-driving metal building screw with a built-in leak-resistant washerDie-cast zinc aluminum screws offer high torsional strength. The self-drilling tip offers greater efficiency, speeding up installation.

These fasteners carry a lifetime warranty against red rust corrosion on the zinc head.

To attach the panels to the rigid-steel framing, RHINO uses #12 self-drilling screws. For connecting the overlapping panels to each other, RHINO supplies #14 self-drilling screws.

RHINO also offers screw heads colored to match the color of the steel panels selected, for a more beautiful, professional appearance.

RHINO’s EPDM Washers

All RHINO sheathing screws include high-grade sealing washers made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) synthetic rubber. These washers provide excellent insulation, sealing out heat, cold, and moisture.

Strong and abrasive-resistant, EPDM washers weather the years extremely well. EPDM washers withstand heat extremes, ozone deterioration, and ultraviolet rays.

EPDM sealing washers assure a long-lasting waterproof seal even in the harshest weather conditions.

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Better fasteners are just one part of the quality you can expect with a RHINO steel building.

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