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Building Boat and RV Storage with Steel

Cash In by Building Metal Toy Boxes for Grown-Up Toys Smart self-storage facility operators include boat and RV storage space in their facilities.  And the really smart facilities build those vehicle storage sheds with pre-engineered steel buildings. Recreational vehicle owners sink lots of money into their leisure toys.  They need convenient and secure space to safely store their down time investments.  Moreover, boat and RV storage tenants usually prove to rent space far longer than smaller unit renters do. The… Read More

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New Trends in Self-Storage Buildings

Part 3— Why Steel Continues to Lead Self-Storage Construction Steel construction frames the vast majority of self-storage buildings— and with good reason. Since the emergence of self-storage operations in Texas in the mid-1960s, pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) have provided the benefits mini-warehouse owners love.  PEMBs are: Affordable to buy Colorful and attractive Damage resistant Delivered quickly Easy to expand Economical to operate Low maintenance Quick to erect Simple and fast to erect Strong and durable Versatile Presently, the self-storage business… Read More

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New Technology Trends for Self-Storage

Part 2— Why Successful Mini-Warehouses are Going Digital To attract and keep new customers, perceptive owners employ new technology trends for self-storage operations. Technology is now the driving force in attracting new customers to any business.  Consequently, successful, high-return businesses like mini-warehouses take advantage of digital products and marketing options. Online Trends for Mini-Warehouse Marketing Let’s face it: self-storage does not sound “sexy.”  But glamorous or not, mini-warehouse operations rake in the bucks year after year.  In fact, storage businesses… Read More

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Mini-Warehouse Expansion- Part 3

New Ideas to Raise Revenues for a Self-Storage Operation Part 2 of this series on mini-warehouse expansion covered several traditional ways of expanding a self-storage business. However, you might consider other trends for your market, too. Self-Storage Retail Store Adding a retail store to a mini-storage business expands profits. Customers appreciate the convenience of buying supplies and/or renting moving equipment on site. For example, everyone needs locks for their units. Why send business to the local hardware store when you… Read More

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Mini-Warehouse Expansion- Part 2

Ways to Increase Profits for a Self-Storage Facility Part 1 of this series on mini-warehouse expansion covered the things to consider before committing to enlarging your self-storage operation. Now let’s look at some of the ways to accomplish your expansion. Self-Storage Curb Appeal In real estate, curb appeal is second only to location in importance. In any retail operation— including self-storage businesses— appearances do matter. An attractive, upscale facility invites customers in. If it appears you take care of the… Read More

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Mini-Warehouse Expansion- Part 1

How to Increase Profits for Your Self-Storage Facility There are three times a mini-warehouse business should consider expansion: 1. When the current facility reaches 85% to 90% occupancy 2. When newer, more upscale self-storage competitors move into your market 3. When the demographics in your market change PLAN AHEAD: Do not put off expansion until your facility maxes out at 100% occupancy and you must start turning customers away. Building projects take time. Begin planning and executing your expansion plan… Read More

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Green Self Storage Facilities Start with Steel

Eco-Friendly Metal Buildings and Mini-Warehouses Environmentally conscious builders, developers, and investors overwhelmingly turn to pre-engineered steel buildings when planning green self storage projects. Building mini-warehouse businesses with steel structures cuts building costs, reduces operational costs— and delights eco-friendly customers. What could be better? The Green Qualities of Steel Self Storage Buildings To meet green guidelines, a building material is examined for its recycled content and its recovery rate. As the most recycled material on the face of the earth, steel… Read More

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3 Reasons to Start a Self-Storage Business

Why Storage Facilities Appeal to First-Time Real Estate Investors Many people begin their foray into real estate investing with a self-storage facility. Why? Because operating a self-storage business is easy, safe, and profitable. 1. Entering the Self-Storage Market No real estate venture offers an easier way for entry-level investors to get into the game than the self-storage business. Self-storage facilities involve far less initial capital outlay than many other real estate ventures. Because their high success rate, lenders look favorably… Read More

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Self-Storage: Cashing-in on Our Love of Stuff

The Race for Space in Our Homes and Businesses Like any other successful U.S. business, the self-storage industry began as a solution to a need: SPACE. Americans are perpetual collectors. We buy stuff, collect stuff, inherit stuff, create stuff, receive gifts of stuff— and we store stuff. The stronger the economy rises, the greater our addiction to stuff. Most U.S. homes contain about 300,000 individual items. Is it any wonder that one in ten Americans rent storage space? Forward thinking… Read More

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Garage/Storage Buildings for Business

Commercial Applications for Steel Multi-Purpose Structures In a recent post, we focused on large garage/storage buildings for homeowners. However, many commercial enterprises also benefit from building pre-engineered steel industrial storage buildings. Vehicle Shelters Many businesses require delivery vans or trucks to transport their products. Caterers, florists, furniture stores, medical suppliers, office supply companies, party planners, printing companies, and the like depend on their vehicles to keep their businesses rolling. Commercial trucking companies also own fleets of vehicles. Without the protection… Read More

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