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Looking Good in a Steel Building

How to Cash In on the Beauty Craze in a Metal Building An attractive, affordable steel building kit creates an ideal place for cashing in on the beauty business.  From hair salons to day spas to beauty supply stores, a good looking steel building attracts those who want to look good. The Beauty Business Boom Let’s face it: we all want to look our best.  American women— and increasingly men—willingly fork over their hard-earned cash on any product, treatment, or… Read More

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#1 Reason Commercial Builders Use PEMBs

How Builders Keep Customers Satisfied with Steel Buildings Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) offer commercial builders dozens of benefits.  However, one advantage tops all others: customer satisfaction. How PEMBs Meet Commercial Customer Demands Like any other business, success in commercial construction depends on keeping the customer satisfied.  Pre-engineered steel buildings rule low-rise commercial construction because they deliver what the customer wants: Clear span interiors Competitive price Discounted insurance Easy care Faster construction Floor plan flexibility Greater strength and protection Higher resale… Read More

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Keep Them Smiling in a Steel-Framed Dental Office

Building a Dental Facility with the Strength of Steel Build your dental practice and your office with a cost-efficient steel-framed office.  Dentists can really sink their teeth into the benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings. Why Now is the Time to Build a New Dental Practice According to the latest data, there are almost 200,000 working dentists now practicing in the U.S. The Healthy Policy Institute expects the number of dental professionals in the U.S. to continue to grow steadily.  That… Read More

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Banking on Steel Buildings

Financial Institutions Branch Out with Secure Steel Buildings Financial institutions bank on prefabricated steel buildings for protection.  Whether the building houses the main bank or one of the smaller neighborhood branches, banks and other financial institutions rely on the strength, durability, and security of pre-engineered metal buildings. A Brief Banking History of the U.S. Did you know the Continental Congress established the first chartered bank in the U.S. in 1784?  Here are a few more American banking firsts: In 1791,… Read More

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Steel Building Resale Shops

Housing Yesterday’s Treasures in Today’s Metal Buildings At first glance, steel building resale shops sound like a contradiction.  Shouldn’t antique, collectible, and memorabilia merchandise be relegated to dusty old wood or brick structures of the past? Absolutely not! Like any other retail business, attractive displays and well-planned traffic flow are paramount for success.  However, the biggest challenge for resellers comes from the way they receive their merchandise. Retail businesses simply order what they need in large quantities, displaying as needed… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Pharmacies

Steel Buildings: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Drug Stores There are so many reasons to choose pre-engineered steel buildings for pharmacy construction. And as the need for additional pharmacies rises, more companies are choosing to build prefabricated commercial steel drug stores. Overview of the Pharmacy Market America’s population is graying rapidly.  As the baby boomer generation ages, demands on all medical services— including pharmacies— are increasingly rapidly.  Here’s why: In 1950, 12.3 million Americans were 65 or older. By… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Plumbing and Electrical Suppliers

3 Reasons Building Supply Retailers Choose Metal Buildings Sensible, spacious, and safe, pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal for plumbing and electrical suppliers. Some operations cater to do-it-yourselfers in the home improvement market.  Others serve professional plumbers, electricians, and builders in a wholesale operation. And online electrical and plumbing supply companies, who ship parts directly to the client, are heating up right now. According to IBIS, plumbing and electrical online sales are currently experiencing a 4.9% annual growth rate.  And customer’s… Read More

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New Trends in Self-Storage Buildings

Part 3— Why Steel Continues to Lead Self-Storage Construction Steel construction frames the vast majority of self-storage buildings— and with good reason. Since the emergence of self-storage operations in Texas in the mid-1960s, pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) have provided the benefits mini-warehouse owners love.  PEMBs are: Affordable to buy Colorful and attractive Damage resistant Delivered quickly Easy to expand Economical to operate Low maintenance Quick to erect Simple and fast to erect Strong and durable Versatile Presently, the self-storage business… Read More

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New Technology Trends for Self-Storage

Part 2— Why Successful Mini-Warehouses are Going Digital To attract and keep new customers, perceptive owners employ new technology trends for self-storage operations. Technology is now the driving force in attracting new customers to any business.  Consequently, successful, high-return businesses like mini-warehouses take advantage of digital products and marketing options. Online Trends for Mini-Warehouse Marketing Let’s face it: self-storage does not sound “sexy.”  But glamorous or not, mini-warehouse operations rake in the bucks year after year.  In fact, storage businesses… Read More

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New Growth Trends in Self-Storage

Part 1— Why the Sky’s the Limit for the Mini-Warehouses Self-storage may be the best-kept secret in real estate investments. Exceedingly profitable, mini-warehouse operations rake in one of the highest returns on investment of any real estate venture.  In fact, the self-storage industry represents one of the fastest growing commercial real estate sectors for the last 40 years. Scope of the Self-Storage Market Currently, one in ten Americans rents mini-warehouse units. Industry experts place total number of these storage facilities… Read More

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