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How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality Part 3

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April 8, 2014

Part 3: An Exceptional Product at an Economical Price

Pre-engineered steel buildings outperform all other building methods.

In the first two articles of this three-part series, we examined wood-framed buildings and light gauge steel framing. This third and final article explains the advantages of prefabricated metal, rigid frame structures.

The Uniformity of Prefabricated Rigid-Frame Metal Buildings

There are no variations or unknowns in RHINO’s commercial-grade rigid building systems.

Steel Buildings offer Consistent QualityPrecisely manufactured to the exacting tolerances of strict industry guidelines, every steel member of prefabricated RHINO metal frame buildings is absolutely consistent and predictable. Each piece of a particular gauge performs exactly as all other pieces of the same type and gauge, supporting a known weight at a certain width and at an exact distance from the next component.

Red-iron steel will not rot, warp, creep, twist, or split like wood. Every steel member is strong and straight and true when the building is erected— and for many decades later.

The RHINO Difference

All RHINO rigid building systems are calculated using sophisticated computer-aided steel engineering software created specifically for the steel construction industry.

Each load and local code is analyzed before creating an exact list of the pieces needed to construct any rigid frame structures ordered at a specific location. The software generates detailed drawings for the factory. The factory nearest to the job site then produces rigid building system’s kit.

All the components of the steel framing are manufactured to exact specifications from high-grade rigid steel. Each piece is cut to the correct length, welded and drilled where required, and marked for easy identification.

The building arrives ready to assemble with large steel bolts, nuts, and self-tapping screws. There is no need to discard warped or flawed pieces. There’s no time wasted cutting the framing up for use. If there is any excess at all, it can be sold for scrap metal.

This streamlined design and production system keeps steel buildings affordable and efficient to build, eliminating wasted material— and wasted time at the job site.

Fewer Pieces for Faster Construction

Since RHINO’s red-iron steel is so much stronger than wood or light-gauge steel framing, far fewer pieces are required to form stronger, more durable rigid frame structures.

Wood framing typically spaces studs 16-inches apart. Light-gauge steel framing is ordinarily built with studs spaced 16 or 24-inches apart. RHINO’s prefabricated rigid steel frames are spaced normally placed 25-feet apart.
RHINO metal frame buildings save one-third or more on erection time over other building systems.

In addition, rigid-frame steel buildings provide far better protection from lightning, fire, strong winds, crushing snows, earthquakes, termites, mold, rot, and aging than ordinary wood framing. Steel even earns lower insurance rates with most companies.

Slash Utility Bills in Half

Fewer pieces also means fewer points for thermal transference.

RHINO’s wall cavities are much deeper than wood or light gauge walls. This allows RHINO to use more insulation for greater energy savings on our rigid building systems. Our optional Pro-Value insulation system not only eliminates all thermal transfer problems, but typically saves about 50% on heating and cooling costs over wood or light-gauge steel framing.

No customer has ever reported a problem with “ghosting” in their RHINO-tough metal building.

Unobstructed Interiors

No wood-framed building or light-gauge steel structure is able to clear span as far as a rigid-frame steel structure. RHINO buildings are capable of completely unobstructed spans well over 200-feet. Spans up to 480’ are possible with a single post on a modular frame.

RHINO Metal Buildings: The Best Deal in Construction

Do you need an agricultural structure or barns? A commercial building? An aircraft hangar or aviation support structure? An industrial or manufacturing building? A massive import warehouse? A residential accessory building or multi-vehicle garage? Then you need a RHINO-tough metal building.

Call RHINO today for a free quote on metal frame buildings. Our steel building advisors can answer all your questions and assist you in ordering the correct framing system for your requirements. Call toll free at 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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