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RHINO Metal Building Company: The Clear Winner

Cast Your Ballot for the Front Runner in Pre-engineered Buildings

Iconic image of a RHINO inside a steel building against an American flag background.As the 2020 campaigns wind down, the RHINO metal building company campaign continues gaining momentum.  Our crusade to be the pre-engineered steel building leader continues to Election Day— and beyond.

We consider each RHINO metal building order as a vote of confidence in our products and our service.  We pledge to do our every very best to fulfill that sacred trust for every building we supply.

Donkeys, Elephants… and Rhinos

Image of a RHINO standing before an American flag.RHINO runs a truly bipartisan campaign.  We believe that everyone deserves a better building product, regardless of political affiliation.

Both liberals and conservatives agree on the merits of RHINO pre-engineered buildings.  Our structures lean neither left nor right, but stay straight and true for the lifetime of the building.

In addition, the RHINO Steel Building Company ships to all states, whether blue or red.

Green party candidates especially love the 100% recyclable framing of a RHINO pre-engineered steel building.

The RHINO Metal Building Company and the Steel Building Movement

The popularity of the pre-engineered steel building began as a grassroots movement in the early 1960s.

Farmers and ranchers were among the first to recognize the benefits of the durable steel pre-engineered buildings.  Steel structures did not need painting, erected faster, lasted longer, stayed stronger, spanned farther, and stood up to the elements better than wood-framed structures.

Soon commercial and industrial builders were caught up in the steel building momentum.

All recent polls show that steel now dominates over 65% of all commercial low-rise construction.  Metal pre-engineered buildings claim a whopping 95% of the industrial low-rise building market!

Steel Even Supports the White House

Photo of the US White House, which contains steel framing.In fact, steel actually beat both of the current candidates to the White House.

By Harry Truman’s presidency, the White House was crumbling.  In 1948, engineers declared the iconic building structurally unsound.  Gutting the building to the exterior walls, they rebuilt the White House with steel framing.

The RHINO Steel Building Company Platform

Our campaign platform is simple and straightforward:

  • Provide strong, affordable structures for the common good of businesses, builders, and buyers
  • Continue to earn the trust and patronage of metal building buyers, both foreign and domestic, all across North America
  • Protect buyers’ and builders’ inalienable rights to the best metal building at a fair price
  • Increase the health and safety of building occupants by producing structures with maximum resistance to fire, lightning, mildew, mold, termites, and weather extremes
  • Stimulate environmental progress by promoting steel— the most recycled material in the world— as the only viable green building alternative
  • Reduce national fuel dependence through innovative, energy saving insulation systems for steel buildings
  • Support our clients, our country, and our troops both here and abroad

The RHINO Campaign Marches On

Regardless of the outcomes of the current elections, our campaign marches on.  We will continue to lobby builders to choose the RHINO Steel Building Company for all their construction projects.

RHINO’s previous buyers enthusiastically endorse RHINO as the best metal building company.  Many of our clients buy RHINO metal buildings for all their building projects.  In fact, our customers stump for RHINO, referring friends, family, and business associates to RHINO.


The time for debate is over; the RHINO Steel Building Company is the clear winner for the best metal building.

Vote Now!  Make Your Voice Heard…

You studied the issues to become an informed voter; study the many benefits supplied by RHINO steel buildings and become an informed buyer.

See for yourself why RHINO is THE CLEAR WINNER in metal buildings.

Call RHINO now at 940.383.9566.

(Updated 10-28-2020.  Originally published 11-8-2016.)