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Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 1

6 Reasons to Add Gutters to Your Steel Building Order

When planning to build a steel commercial building— or your own personal steel structure — consider including steel rain gutters and downspouts on your metal building order.

Why steel rain gutters?

In one word: PROTECTION. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Self-Protection

Closeup of the corner of a white metal building with tan trim and rain guttersIt is obvious the first job of gutters is allowing people to enter the building during a rainstorm without dashing through a waterfall. Without gutters, anyone coming inside during a thunderstorm receives a thorough drenching, as sheets of water rush off the roof.

2. Leak Protection

Without gutters, rain cascades off the building roof and straight down the walls. The runoff may leak inside around inadequately sealed window and doors, invading the structure and dampening the contents.

Large openings like garage doors present the greatest risk in structures without a gutter and downspout system. Water traveling down the side of the building wedges around the seals. If the water then freezes, it can cause breaks in the seals, increasing the likelihood of greater leaks the next time.

Pooling water around garage doors seeps inside, staining the floor. Over time, the standing water rots wooden doors, or discolors and rusts steel doors.

3. Foundation Protection

Rainwater not diverted from the base of a building can inflict massive damage on a foundation. Excess water can literally compromise the structural integrity of the building itself. Buildings with basements face the highest risk of water damage.

As a heavy rain sheets down the side of a building, it hits the ground with considerable force. Pooling around the base of the structure, water may invade the building itself. Worse yet, repeated rainfall or exceptionally heavy downpours can trap standing water around the building. This water may seep under a slab foundation.

Water beneath a slab washes away the supporting soil. Portions of the foundation settle, sink, and shift. Cracks appear in the concrete slab. Fissures begin appearing in interior drywall.

Clay-rich soils expand when saturated with water. This creates pressure on foundations.

A damaged foundation may be repaired, but it is an aggravating and expensive process.

4. Landscaping Protection

Downpours flow off roofs and crash heavily onto plants surrounding the building. Rain pounds lovingly tended— and often expensive— landscaping, damaging tender plants. Gutters and downspouts guard flora and foliage by removing cascading rainwater safely away from the building.

Here is a landscaping tip: berms and walled flowerbeds against the base of a building act as dams, trapping water against the structure. It is best to avoid using such plant trims next to a building, or at least include build-in underground drainage for plant trim.

5. Aesthetic Protection

Without gutters and downspouts to turn excess water away from the structure, rain hits the ground and splashes mud onto the building. It is both unsightly and destructive.

Certain types of soil may discolor exterior materials, permanently staining them— especially lightly colored siding, brick, or stone. Using gutters eliminates backsplash.

6. Financial Protection

Replacing landscaping, repairing leaks, and fixing foundation problems is expensive.

Worse yet, water backups are usually not covered by insurance. Property insurance policies do not normally cover flood damage. Only separate and costly flood policies provide such protection.

RHINO’s Gutters and Downspouts

Why not avoid these problems by preventing water problems before they happen?

Channel water away from the building by including a gutter and downspout package with your next steel building order.

Over 60% of our customers choose to include steel rain gutters and downspouts with their RHINO steel buildings.

RHINO’s options include high-grade gutters and downspouts. Our 26-gauge steel gutters are 7” x 7”— large enough to handle even exceptional downpours. These gutters systems come in 10’ or 20’ sections. Downspouts are 4” x 5”. The gutter systems are easy to install— and hard to beat.

RHINO offers steel rain gutters and downspouts in a wide choice of colors to match any trim.

Call RHINO now for details about our metal buildings and our accessories. Our number is 940.383.9566.