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Let the Sun Shine In with Metal Building Skylights

Steel Building Skylights Let You Cash In on Nature’s Free Lighting Installing metal building skylights not only stretches natural resources, it stretches your resources. Including skylights with your steel building order gives you the satisfaction of making the “green” building choice. It also saves your nice green money by reducing utility costs. What Are the Benefits of Using Skylights? Obviously, reducing the amount you pay for lighting a building is the greatest advantage of skylights and wall lights. Skylights, also… Read More

In General Information, Steel Building Options

Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 3

Are Rain Gutters the Right Choice for Your Location? In Part 1 in this series on rain gutters for metal buildings we covered all the advantages of including rain gutters and downspouts with your pre-engineered steel building order. Part 2 of the series explained using gutter systems and rain barrels to conserve water. However, metal building gutters and downspouts are not the right choice for all climates. People living in areas of extreme snowfall and frequent ice storms need to… Read More

In General Information, Steel Building Options

Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 2

Conserving Water with Gutters and Rain Barrels Rain gutters for metal buildings have one major job: to move water away from the structure. Why stop there? Go “green” by conserving the runoff water and learn how to collect rainwater from gutters. Rain Barrels: The Eco-Friendly Choice In the first part of this series on rain gutters for metal buildings, we covered the advantages of including gutters and downspouts with your pre-engineered steel building orders. The option of rain water collecting… Read More

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Controlling Airflow in Metal Buildings- Part 2

GOOD METAL BUILDING VENTILATION CREATES COMFORT AND EXTENDS BUILDING LIFE Never underestimate the importance of airflow in metal buildings. As discussed in part 1, adequate ventilation controls comfort, humidity levels, and condensation in steel buildings. Two Types of Ventilation Controlling airflow in metal buildings without air conditioning and heating is simple. You need fresh air flowing into the building and humid air flowing out. This is easily accomplished with vents and large door openings. Steel barns, equipment structures, storage buildings,… Read More

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Controlling Airflow in a Metal Building- Part 1

The Importance of Ventilation in Steel Buildings Providing adequate airflow in a metal building affects both the comfort level inside and the durability of the structure. Preventing moisture buildup with good industrial ventilation prolongs the life of a steel building. Three Factors Affecting Climate in a Metal Building Climate controlled buildings create some airflow and control moisture with heating and air-conditioning systems. Even these may need additional ventilation. However, many metal buildings are not climate controlled. These include: • Agricultural… Read More

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Anchor Bolts for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

The Importance of Steel Building Foundation Connections Steel anchor bolts secure a pre-engineered metal building to the foundation. A pre-engineered steel building is only as sturdy as its foundation connections. Steel Anchor Bolts And Concrete Engineers RHINO Steel Building Systems supplies a detailed Anchor Bolt Plan with every order. These plans show the building dimensions, the precise locations for anchor bolt placement, and the total number of foundation anchor bolts required in Rhino buildings. The Anchor Bolt Plan also provides… Read More

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How to Install Metal Building Screws Correctly

Doing It Right Keeps a Steel Building Watertight We discussed the importance of using a metal building system with premium quality fasteners. How those screws are installed is equally important to the durability and waterproofing of a steel building. Learn how to install steel siding with our guide. The Proper Gear for Handling Steel Panels Safely Preventing accidents is job one at a metal building job site. SAFETY FIRST at all times should be the primary goal. Read the Installation… Read More

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Benefits of Steel Buildings

When you are in need of a durable, expandable, inexpensive way to store something large, look into building a steel structure. Steel buildings have many benefits when it comes to purchase, construction, and usability. Read More

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Breathe Easier with Metal Buildings- Part 1

How Steel Buildings Reduce Indoor Pollution Metal buildings provide significant advantage for chemically sensitive people. They will literally breathe easier in a pre-engineered steel building. Why? Metal buildings improve indoor air quality. How? Several benefits of prefabricated steel buildings work keep the air clear. Steel is Inorganic Like any other plant, wood can cause allergies. Wood dust itself can be aggravating to many people, causing breathing problems, eye irritation, and skin rashes. During the aging of an organic building material,… Read More

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How to Compare Metal Building Systems: Part 2

Steel Buildings are Not All Alike Before you check metal building prices, compare the benefits. Compare apples to apples, building materials to building materials— before investing in a steel building. Investigate not only the price of the product, but the quality and value of the metal building kit. Ask questions. What type of metal building system is it? RHINO Steel Building Systems use only commercial-grade rigid steel buildings. We offer seven types of framing. RHINO specializes in low-rise steel structures.… Read More

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