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How to Compare Metal Building Systems: Part 2

Steel Buildings are Not All Alike Before you check metal building prices, compare the benefits. Compare apples to apples, building materials to building materials— before investing in a steel building. Investigate not only the price of the product, but the quality and value of the metal building kit. Ask questions. What type of metal building system is it? RHINO Steel Building Systems use only commercial-grade rigid steel buildings. We offer seven types of framing. RHINO specializes in low-rise steel structures.… Read More

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How to Compare Metal Building Systems: Part 1

How to Choose the Right Steel Building Company Buying a metal building can be a dream— or a nightmare. Before you invest in a pre-engineered steel building, do your homework. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges— or you might wind up with a case of buyer’s remorse and a metal building lemon. This is the first in a three-part series on comparing pre-engineered steel buildings. This article focuses on how to choose a metal… Read More

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Made-to-Order Metal Buildings

Get Exactly the Right Structure for Your Needs RHINO metal building systems create made-to-order metal buildings for every segment of the low-rise market. RHINO steel buildings are not an “off the rack” product. Every customer receives a structure designed and manufactured specifically for them. The Right Size, the Right Options While all steel buildings are flexible enough for myriad uses, they are not all interchangeable. Every project and budget demands specific dimensions. The size of your building must serve you… Read More

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Factory-Made Cars and Factory-Made Steel Buildings

Comparing Automotive Automation to Metal Building Production Have you ever thought about the parallels between cars and steel buildings? Both industries are constantly evolving to bring a better product at a better price to today’s savvy consumer. Automobiles and Buildings in 1900 At the beginning of the 20th century, only the very wealthy could afford to own the new “horseless carriages” known as automobiles. Constructed by skilled craftsmen one at a time, cars were extremely expensive. Complex and prone to… Read More

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How Rigid-Frame Steel Buildings Deliver Consistent Quality Part 1

Part 1: The Inconsistencies of Lumber This is the first of three articles explaining why pre-engineered rigid-frame steel buildings are the preferred method for low-rise construction. Below is a discussion of the problems inherent in wood framing. The second article highlights the pros and cons of light-gauge steel framing. The third article focuses on the many advantages afforded by prefabricated red-iron metal buildings. The Irregularities of Wood Framing Wood building is an imprecise discipline. It must approximate the framing loads… Read More

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Beyond “Standard” Metal Buildings

The Four Basic Levels Pre-engineered Steel Building Design Pre-engineered metal buildings prove to be the best buy for most low-rise construction projects. Custom steel structures are affordable now— and later. RHINO standard prefabricated steel buildings are economically priced— saving money. Metal building kits ship quickly— saving time. Manufactured components arrive at the job site ready for assembly— saving more time. Metal building framing cut erection time by about one-third— saving even more time. Strong, fire-resistant, termite proof steel buildings often… Read More

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What is a Clear Span Steel Building?

Defining “Clear Span” as applied to Pre-engineered Metal Buildings “Clear span” is a term used in construction for both buildings and bridges. This article explains the definition of clear span as applied to pre-engineered clear span steel buildings. The Span of a Structure The span of a building is the width of the framing. Pre-engineered clear span steel buildings are self-supporting. No support columns are required to support the building. Therefore, the inside span from outside column to outside column… Read More

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Why I Am Thankful for Metal Buildings This Thanksgiving

RHINO Steel Buildings: Counting a Cornucopia Full of Blessings As Thanksgiving approaches I find myself contemplating all the many blessings in my life— family, friends, health, and happiness.  As the owner of RHINO Steel Building Systems, I am also thankful for the professional blessings I enjoy in the pre-engineered metal building business. Bear with me as I share with you the results of all this introspection, as I count the specific reasons I am so blessed to be in this business.… Read More

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Man of Steel Buildings

The People of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings The recent release of the new Superman move “Man of Steel,” prompted me to reflect on my own adventures as a “man of steel”— prefabricated steel buildings, that is. I have spent most of my adult life in the steel framing business.  However, I am just one of thousands of men and women who work in the steel buildings industry.  To me, they are all supermen and superwomen in their own right. The RHINO… Read More

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Prefabricated Steel Buildings for Auto Shops

Procrastination on car repairs pays… the auto shops Americans are keeping their cars and trucks longer these days.  When consumers do finally trade vehicles, more people now choose used vehicles instead of new.  Both these trends translate into increased business for auto repair shops. That is what makes today a great time to build a new automotive repair shop— or to expand a current auto business—with prefabricated metal shop buildings. Older cars on the road mean more business for auto shops. … Read More

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