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The Peshtigo Fire: America’s Deadliest Blaze

When Wood, Wind, and Weather Created the Perfect Firestorm The conflagration now known as the Peshtigo Fire claimed more lives than any other blaze in U.S. history. Starting on October 8, 1871, the fire destroyed Peshtigo, Wisconsin and other nearby communities, killing an estimated 1,200 to 2,500 souls. Most people have never even heard about the Peshtigo disaster— in spite of the fact that it happened on the same day as the infamous Great Chicago Fire. At the same time, a… Read More

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10 Fire Prevention Tips- Part 2

How to Protect Your Family and Business by Preventing a Fire We need to know not only what to do in the event of a fire, but also fire prevention tips to stop a fire before it starts. Check out these recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Following these simple fire prevention tips helps to avoid fires and protects lives and property: 1. Stay Alert! Stay focused on what you are doing, especially when near heating equipment and… Read More

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7 Fire Safety Tips- Part 1

How to Protect Your Family by from a Fire The 144th anniversary if the Great Chicago Fire seems the perfect time to examine fire prevention safety tips for home and business. National Fire Prevention Week Rather than marking the 40th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 with memorial festivities, the Fire Marshalls Association of North America (now known as the International Fire Marshalls Association) chose to commemorate it by reminding the public of the importance of fire prevention.… Read More

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Structural Fires Devour Property and Ravage Lives

Facing the Heartbreaking Facts about Building Fires in the U.S. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), structural fires accounted for 38% of all the 1,298,000 reported fires in the United States in 2014. Structural fires disrupt and devastate, stealing livelihoods, possessions, and sometimes lives. Home Fires Residential fires account for 72% of all building fires, yet home fires cause 92% of all fire causalities. Not surprisingly, the number one spot in the home for fire ignition is the… Read More

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Metal Buildings Save Money on Operating Costs

The Lifecycle Advantages of Pre-engineered Steel Structures Metal buildings save money on purchasing and construction. However, the greatest savings happen over the lifetime of the structure. Smart investors look not only at the initial costs of building, but also at the lifecycle costs. This cradle-to-the-grave philosophy counts the cost over the years of using the structure. Buying a cheap, inferior structure does not save in the long run if it costs too much to operate and maintain. Looking Beyond the… Read More

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7 Ways Steel Buildings Save Money on Construction

How Building Kit Construction Cuts Building Costs Well-made steel buildings save money when you buy, as you build, and as you occupy them. Steel building costs are lower when you buy, as you build, and as you occupy them. Let’s look at the ways metal building costs are lower during the construction of a pre-engineered metal building. Time Is Money in Construction The longer it takes to finish the building, the more the project costs. Pre-engineered steel buildings save money… Read More

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How Buying a Steel Building Saves Money

Cut the Purchase Price of a Structure with Steel Buying a steel building saves money during three phases: At the initial purchase During construction During use This blog covers how a reputable steel building company with a premium product cuts up-front costs. The next blog shows the reasons a steel building saves money during construction. The final blog explains how metal buildings save on operating costs. How Steel Buildings Provide the Best Price Pre-engineered metal buildings dominate the low-rise market… Read More

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How to Buy Insulated Windows

Tips on Choosing Energy Efficient Windows Insulated windows for steel buildings save money, decrease energy usage, make the home or building more comfortable, and increase the value of the structure. Choosing insulated windows over single pane windows is a no-brainer for new construction. Replacing energy wasting, uninsulated windows with high-performance windows in existing structures makes sense, too— especially in bitterly cold or extremely hot climates. How do you choose which kind of insulated window to buy? Here are a few… Read More

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5 Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Appliances

TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY WHEN YOU BUY—AND AS YOU USE— APPLIANCES Energy efficient appliances carry two price tags: the purchase price and the usage cost. Many appliances cost more to operate over their lifetime than they do to purchase. To make sure you getting the greatest bang for your buck, look at the total price for new appliances— both the cost to buy and the cost of appliance electricity consumption. The following tips for saving energy will help you evaluate… Read More

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The World’s Largest Steel Building- Part 2

Fascinating Facts about the Most Fantastic Factory on Earth The world’s largest steel building— the Boeing Aircraft Plant in Everett, WA— defies imagination. The “Guinness Book of World Records” proclaims it the largest building— by volume— on the planet. While the construction history of the massive steel structure is fascinating, the day-to-day operations are equally impressive. Fast Facts about the World’s Largest Steel Building The size and scope of the sprawling Boeing Aircraft Plant boggle the mind: The 2,800 workers… Read More

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