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Weld-Up or Bolt-Up Metal Buildings?

The Pros and Cons of Field-Welded and Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Internet chat rooms are filled with consumers trying to decide between weld-up and bolt-up metal buildings. Almost without exception, those responding advise choosing a pre-engineered bolt-up steel building system. (One man in Arizona reported building two steel hangars— one weld-up and one bolt-up. He said the weld-up hangar almost shook apart in high winds that did not faze the bolt-up hangar.) So what are the differences between the two structrual… Read More

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Less is More with Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Less Hassles and Headaches with Steel Building Systems Pre-engineered metal buildings distill the building process to its simplest form. Steel building systems by design eliminate the wasted materials, wasted time, and wasted motion so often a part of building. Whatever the application, choosing a dependable, easy-to-erect prefabricated metal building takes the stress out of construction. Why Less is MORE with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings It sounds like an oxymoron, but less really is more with RHINO's simple steel building kits. LESS… Read More

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Build Your Own Pre-engineered Metal Building

Why Do-It-Yourselfers Love RHINO Steel Buildings Ever wonder if you could build your own metal building? Yes, you can! Over the years many individuals have elected to erect their RHINO steel building themselves. All the pieces of the framing kit are prefabricated. All the primary framing bolts together with high strength steel bolts and nuts. Everything arrives at the job site clearly marked for easy identification. RHINO metal buildings require no field cutting or punching. Even the clips are pre-welded… Read More

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What Is a Pre-engineered Metal Building?

Solving the puzzle known as PEMB Which of the following do you think is the correct pre-engineered buildings definition? • A cost-efficient alternative building system to conventional construction • A steel building designed for the most efficient use of raw materials • A structural system generally including steel framing, roofing, and wall cladding • A structure built on site using prefabricated components • A simplified, streamlined building system designed for quick construction Actually, all of these pre-engineered building definitions describe… Read More

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Can You Trust Your Steel Building Company?

Ask the Better Business Bureau Before You Buy Before you start comparing pre-engineered steel building quotes, you need to know which steel building manufacturers you can trust. For most people, the starting point on gauging the trustworthiness of any business is the Better Business Bureau. BBB: The Consumer’s Best Friend A non-profit organization founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) focuses on consumer protection. The BBB offers free business reviews to over 100 million discriminating consumers each year. The… Read More

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Steel Homes: Think Outside the Box- Part 6

Using Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems to Build Metal Homes Did you know many people choose pre-engineered steel building systems to build their own steel homes? Who wouldn’t want all the benefits of steel buildings for their home? Pre-engineered steel buildings dominate the agricultural, commercial, and industrial low-rise construction markets. Why? Steel buildings offer wonderful advantages over other building methods. Pre-engineered metal buildings provide: STRENGTH: No other building material matches the strength of steel. DURABILITY: No other building method outlasts steel.… Read More

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Steel Buildings: Think Outside the Box- Part 5

Receding an Exterior Wall Changes the Look of Metal Buildings In Part 4 of our series on “Steel Buildings: Think Outside the Box” we covered adding pop-out sections of framing. Pop-outs protrude outside the main structure, breaking up the boxy look of pre-engineered steel buildings. Another way to add visual interest to a metal building is to do the exact opposite. Instead of extending an exterior wall, consider receding an exterior wall, sort of a “pop-in” section. Practical Reasons for Indenting an… Read More

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Steel Buildings: Think Outside the Box- Part 4

Adding Pizzazz to Metal Buildings with “Pop-Out” Framing The most economical shape for pre-engineered steel buildings remains the basic rectangle. While practical for most industrial, agricultural, and storage applications, commercial enterprises sometime require more visual interest. In this series on customizing steel buildings, we have divulged several ways to lose the “boxy” look of metal buildings to add eye appeal. So far, we have covered: • Part 1: Changing the Roofline • Part 2: Adding Roofline Extensions • Part 3:… Read More

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Steel Buildings: Think Outside the Box- Part 3

Customizing the Exteriors of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Steel buildings do not have to look like steel buildings. There are many ways to enhance the exterior of a structure to lose the “boxy” look of a metal building. In parts one and two of this series, we offered suggestions for changing the roofline and profile of a steel building to create a more traditional look. The versatility steel buildings doesn’t stop there. Any exterior building material available for other building systems… Read More

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Steel Buildings: Think Outside the Box- Part 2

Roofline Extensions Add Flair to Pre-engineered Metal Buildings In part one of this series on steel buildings, we discussed changing the roof pitch and gable rooflines versus hip rooflines. You can also “dress up” metal buildings by adding eave overhangs or canopies. In standard pre-engineered steel buildings, the roofline ends flush with sidewalls. That is adequate for many applications, where the “boxy” look of the building does not matter. For example, agricultural barns and industrial warehouses find this basic steel… Read More

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