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Why Inspectors Love Metal Building Kits

How Pre-engineering Simplifies Inspections for Steel Buildings How does the pre-engineering of metal building kits streamline the building inspection process? A quality steel building company supplies detailed documentation for the building.  Consequently, the building inspector’s focus shifts more toward ensuring the kit assembles exactly as specified. While often viewed as a pain and a hassle, building inspections actually benefit builders. Knowing they must pass inspection keeps builders determined to build it right the first time.  They know tearing down improperly… Read More

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A Builder’s Nightmare: Drywall Nail Pops

What Causes Those Unsightly Drywall Dimples? Drywall nail pops probably cause builders more wasted time on callbacks than any other problem.  These insidious pitted places on formerly perfectly finished walls can be the bane of a builder’s existence. The builder is trying to focus on his next project.  Yet, callbacks from unhappy owners of his previous projects distract him from the project at hand.  These former clients are grumbling about the unsightly bumps and blemishes appearing on their walls. What… Read More

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Steel Building Benefits for Builders

Why Contractors Choose Metal Buildings Again and Again The steel building benefits for builders make pre-engineered metal buildings the best choice for all low-rise commercial and industrial projects. The superiority of steel is evident: steel now frames 65% of all commercial projects and 95% of all industrial construction. Price Construction is a highly competitive business. Successful builders keep a sharp eye on the bottom line. Contractors overwhelmingly choose pre-engineered steel framing because it is the most economical building system. Convenience… Read More

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Why Green Builders LOVE Steel Framing

Showing the Love for Eco-Friendly Metal Buildings Environmental-conscious green builders love steel framing. Pre-engineered metal building systems allow construction companies to offer strong, durable, green low-rise structures at a highly competitive price. #1 Reason Green Builders Love Steel Framing While most builders want to aid in saving our planet, the bottom line is still the bottom line. In any industry, you must supply what the customer wants to stay in business and make a profit. Over 73% of Americans say… Read More

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10 Reasons Designers Choose Steel Buildings

The Architectural Advantages of Steel Construction Today designers choose steel buildings for their low-rise, non-residential projects. Steel framing frees designers to create beautiful, practical structures within the project parameters. Steel building leads the U.S. market today. Steel frames 50% of all low-rise, non-residential construction. Low-rise commercial designers choose steel framing for 71% of all projects. Steel accounts for 95% of all industrial construction in the U.S. The agricultural market overwhelmingly builds with steel. There are many reasons for steel’s market… Read More

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10 Tips for Pouring Metal Building Foundations

Constructing a Steel Building on a Firm Foundation As with any structure, foundations for steel framed buildings need to be firm and made right. First-rate concrete slab, pier, or perimeter wall promises solid support for the lives of the structures. Metal building foundations poured with poor-quality concrete promise nothing but problems. Don’t Cut Corners on Concrete Foundations Many do-it-yourselfers consider themselves capable of pouring their own metal building foundations. They poured the cement for their fence posts, didn’t they? And… Read More

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7 Reasons Builders Love Metal Building Systems

How Steel Buildings Save Contractors Both Time and Money For low-rise construction, builders most often choose pre-engineered metal building systems for their commercial and industrial clients.  Builders find the advantages of steel buildings work great for them— and for their customers.  It’s a win-win deal for everyone.  Here is why. 1. Metal building systems are easy to order. Once the builder has the architectural plans from the customer, ordering a pre-engineered metal building is easy.  RHINO Steel Building Systems’ efficient… Read More

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