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7 Reasons Builders Love Metal Building Systems

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June 10, 2013

How Steel Buildings Save Contractors Both Time and Money

For low-rise construction, builders most often choose pre-engineered metal building systems for their commercial and industrial clients.  Builders find the advantages of steel buildings work great for them— and for their customers.  It’s a win-win deal for everyone.  Here is why.

1. Metal building systems are easy to order.

Rhino Steel Building being ConstructedOnce the builder has the architectural plans from the customer, ordering a pre-engineered metal building is easy.  RHINO Steel Building Systems’ efficient and knowledgeable steel building specialists provide fast, accurate quotes.  The builder can be confident using RHINO’s figures to make his own bid to the client.

RHINO’s sales team knows all the right questions to ask to cover every detail.  Often, they may even make suggestions on ways to tweak the original plans to make the project more affordable.

2. Metal building systems keep builders competitive.

Powerful state-of-the-art engineering software takes full advantage of steel’s superior strength.  Steel structures are designed to meet or exceed all local building codes.  It automatically designs for the most efficient use of steel, thereby keeping costs to a minimum.  The software also creates all fabrication drawings, streamlining the manufacturing process.

3. Metal building systems deliver quickly.

After placing the order, the shop drawings are sent to the manufacturing plant closest to the job site.  In that way, shipping charges are also kept to a minimum, further reducing costs.  Simple “basic box” designs deliver in 4-5 weeks.  Larger, more complex custom designs may require 6-7 weeks for delivery.

The quicker the builder can get his foundation poured and his framing package delivered, the sooner he can have a crew start construction.

4. Metal building systems frame-up faster.

Because steel is so strong, fewer pieces are needed to create a super-strong structure.  Since the factory cuts, welds, shapes, drills, and marks before shipment, the framing arrives at the job site ready to sort and erect.

Typically framing erection for a steel building system cuts construction time by one-third or even more.  The faster the job is finished, the happier the customer is— and the quicker the builder can move on to the next project.

5. Metal building systems contribute to a healthy bottom line.

The prefabricated metal building kit arrives ready to erect.  Doors, windows, trim, insulation, and other options ordered from RHINO arrive with the steel framing, saving time and money.

Shorter construction time saves money on builder’s insurance.  Pre-engineering means reduced waste of building materials.  Less waste means less clean-up costs.  What little steel is leftover can be sold to metal scrap yard.

A metal building system keeps a project on time and on budget.

6. Metal building systems provide the benefits customers appreciate.

Customers like the benefits an affordable steel building, including:

  • Stronger protection from high winds, heavy snows and rains, earthquakes, mold, fire, lightning, and termites
  •  Low maintenance
  • Clear span designs
  • Easy to expand later
  • Floor plan flexibility
  • Choice of exteriors, from colorful  26-gauge steel panels to brick, stone, block, glass, or tilt-up concrete.
  • Durability
  • Green building benefits— most recycled substance on the planet
  • Reduced property insurance
  • Faster building completion
  • Additional energy savings with Pro-Value insulation package or cool-coated steel panels

7. Metal building systems create happy customers.

Satisfied customers mean more repeat business— and stronger referrals.  At RHINO, returning clients and referrals made by our highly-satisfied customers generated over 39% of our orders in the last 12 months.

Free Quotes.  Free information.  No Pressure.  No hassles.

Contact RHINO now to discuss RHINO’s range of metal building products and your next building project.

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- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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