Types of Steel Buildings

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Which is the Better Buy— Pole Barns or Metal Barns?

Part 2: Comparing Pole Barns and Pre-engineered Steel Barns Price comparisons between wood pole barns and pre-engineered metal barns rest on several factors. In this second installment of our eight-part series comparing pole barns and steel barns, we will focus on the differences in the initial costs of construction. Pole Barn versus Metal Barn Framing Kits Wood prices and steel prices fluctuate with the supply and demand of the market. Consequently, timber-based pole barn and pre-engineered steel barn framing package pricing… Read More

In Agricultural Buildings, Pole Barns vs. Steel Barns, more

So What’s the Difference between Pole Barns and Steel Barns?

Part 1: Defining Pole Barns and Pre-engineered Metal Barns Perplexed about pole barns vs. steel buildings and what the advantages of steel buildings are? Let’s start with the basics by defining each type of structure. This article is the first in a eight-part series exploring these two building systems, comparing the short-term and long-term differences. So what exactly is a “Pole Barn”? Although there may be small variations from source to source, most pole barns are similar in framing. Typically,… Read More

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Amazing Steel for Church Buildings, Part 2

Using Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Church Structures Pre-engineered steel buildings are versatile, flexible, attractive— and surprisingly affordable. Many American congregations now rely on strong, durable, steel for church buildings, including worship, classroom, administrative, and recreational structures. General Guidelines for Estimating Church Building Size As congregations grow, church building committees must stay ahead of the curve by building today, while planning for the future. According to Reed Construction Data, the average church building in America today is a one-story structure about… Read More

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Amazing Steel for Church Buildings, Part 1

Using Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Church Structures Pre-engineered steel church buildings allow congregations the freedom to customize religious facilities economically. Today’s churches commonly choose pre-fabricated steel for church buildings for everything from sanctuaries to youth centers, media buildings, gymnasiums, fellowship halls, parochial school buildings, church bus garages, other auxiliary church structures. RHINO Steel Building Systems designs every steel church building to meets the distinctive vision, requirements— and budget— of a specific religious community. General Church Facts From small, friendly country… Read More

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9 Reasons Churches Choose Steel Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Make the Best Church Structures Pre-engineered steel buildings, chosen by most cost-conscious builders for commercial structures, also make the most sense for budget-conscious churches. Whether your congregation needs an entirely new facility, or support buildings at your current location, pre-engineered steel buildings provide exceptional features for your building investment. 1. AFFORDABLE: Pre-engineered steel buildings are economical, often saving one-third to one half over conventional construction. You simply get more building for your building fund dollar with a… Read More

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Is a Steel Building Right for Your Church?

There are many reasons adaptable steel buildings work particularly well as metal church buildings.  Pre-engineered steel buildings are not only very affordable, but a stronger, safer, smarter way to build any low-rise structure, including churches. Of the many benefits inherent in steel buildings for churches, three advantages of prefab church buildings in particular appeal to religious congregations: high ceilings, wide spans, and exceptional affordability. Most churches prefer high ceilings for their main sanctuary.  RHINO Steel Building Systems accommodates church building… Read More

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Counting the Cost for a New Steel Church Building

Steel Church Building Costs Planning a new church sanctuary, temple, or other religious structure can be both an exciting and daunting task. The variety of church construction companies is overwhelming, and learning about church construction costs takes careful research and planning. Good stewardship also requires considering the operating costs before investing in a new building. Where is one to begin? Have you considered a steel church building? Steel church buildings cost less than other building options, delivering many advantages both… Read More

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Stewardship and Steel Church Buildings

How to Stretch Your Church Building Fund with a Metal Building Homebuyers almost always expect far more home than their budget allows.  It is human nature to get carried away with all the features of a dream home.  Then reality douses you in ice water when you see the price tag. The gap between the dream and the budget grows even larger when a church building committee gets together.  They often envision a towering, majestic cathedral with triple the square… Read More

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13 Reasons Farmers and Ranchers Choose Steel Systems

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Metal Buildings for Agribusiness Visionary farmers and ranchers were among the first to see the potential for pre-engineered metal buildings.  They were choosing prefabricated steel systems for their agribusiness operations long before the commercial, industrial, and residential markets joined in the switch to steel. Below is a baker’s dozen of the many advantages steel buildings bring to the agricultural market. 1. Economical American farm and ranch operations today run on a tight profit margin.  Agribusiness managers… Read More

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Building an Auto Repair Shop with a Steel Building

Fire Safety: One Reason Most Garages are Built with Steel One of the best reasons to choose a pre-engineered steel building for an auto garage is the fire resistance of steel. Auto repair shops, tire shops, truck servicing business, and the like are very dangerous places for fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) collected fire data for retail operations for five years.  During that time, 6,360 structural fires were reported.  Automotive sales and service and gas stations accounted for 2,290… Read More

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