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Retreat, Relax, and Recharge in a Metal Building Woman Cave

Home Alone: Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 2

As men take refuge in their own steel building ‘man caves,’ their better halves are plotting a feminine retreat of their own with a metal building woman cave.

Everyone needs a me-space. Gender “caves” give both sexes a place to simply be themselves. Yet men and women envision very different environments.

Hideouts-for-Her Rising in Popularity

A woman relaxes in her new steel building woman caveHe mainly wants a place to kick back with the guys in loud, rowdy, raucous all-male camaraderie— without any feminine influence or censorship.

She prefers a quiet, reflective sanctuary to escape the everyday mayhem and recharge her batteries— without intrusion from him, the kids, the in-laws, the job, or the other demands of life.

Somehow, the term “woman cave” does not capture the real essence of this feminine version of personal space. Mom cave, she shed, diva dungeon, belle cell, lady space— none of these adequately describe the blissful oasis of calm craved by most women.

An ideal she-space would probably have lots of windows, if a peaceful vista is available. It might include a covered patio with wind chimes, bird feeders, and a restful chaise lounge. How about a luxurious bathroom, complete with a huge claw-foot bathtub or a nice, relaxing Jacuzzi®? A fridge with an assortment of sparkling water, fresh fruit, and wine would be welcome.

Anything that creates the ultimate relaxing atmosphere could be included in her steel building woman cave:

  • Soft colors
  • Plush and comfortable seating
  • Lots of pleasing decorator pillows
  • Plenty of plants
  • Soft lighting
  • Abundant bookshelves
  • Colorful rugs
  • Scented candles
  • Handy desk
  • Flat screen TV with a collection of sentimental chick-flicks
  • Soothing music from a great sound system

 Why Choose a Metal Building Woman Cave?

Women appreciate the same qualities in steel buildings that men do— the strength, dependability, durability, and flexibility of a pre-engineered steel building.

On a practical level, women love the economics of a steel building woman cave— the affordable kit, the quick framing erection, the low maintenance, and low insurance. With RHINO Pro-Value insulation packages, a steel building woman cave also provides much lower utility bills— and a significant reduction in outside noise.

Ready to Slip Away to Your Own Serene Steel Building Paradise?

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