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Types of Steel Buildings

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Why Ranchers Love Steel Barns and Riding Arenas

The Benefits of Metal Buildings for Horse and Cattle Ranchers When it is time to rebuild or expand, smart ranchers choose pre-engineered steel barns and metal structures. Metal barns, steel riding arenas and stables, serve ranch operations better— and much longer— than structures built with other materials. Pre-engineered steel buildings are easy to afford, easy to erect, and easy to maintain. Pre-engineered Metal Barns and Ranch Buildings Save TIME Cattle ranchers and horse breeders want to spend their time working… Read More

In Agricultural Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

Metal Barns and Buildings for Rural Life

Pre-engineered Steel Shelters Down on the Farm Today’s modern farmers overwhelmingly choose pre-engineered metal barns and agricultural buildings. They rely on the affordability, flexibility, and durability of steel barn and farm building construction. Family Farming: Steel Going Strong Families have always been the backbone of American farming. In the past, a working farm often remained in a family for generations. People assume today’s huge farm enterprises are mostly corporate operations. Farming today is still predominately a family business. Families and… Read More

In Agricultural Buildings, Types of Steel Buildings

Metal Barns for Agricultural Businesses

Farmers Were the First to See the Benefits of Steel Buildings There’s a reason so many of today’s farmers and ranchers choose to build pre-engineered metal barns: they are smart business people. Today’s agribusiness professionals know a great deal when they see one. RHINO metal barns and ag structures offer the best deal in steel. The Evolution of the Barn in America Even from the early days of American farming, the barn has been the heart of farms and ranches.… Read More

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Using a Metal Building for a Lake Cabin

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings as Vacation Getaways Have you ever considered using a metal building for a lake cabin or vacation home? Many people now choose pre-engineered steel buildings to frame lake cottages, hunting cabins, and vacation hideaways. Many benefits make steel buildings overwhelmingly popular for commercial structures. Vacation homebuyers want the same advantages for their homes-away-from-home. Why Choose a Metal Building for a Lake Cabin? These are just a few of the reasons steel buildings work very well as second… Read More

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Types of Metal Buildings from Rhino Steel Building Systems

Types of Metal Buildings With so many different types of metal buildings on the market, it’s important to know the differences so you can find the right one for you. RHINO Steel offers a variety of building construction types and metal building styles. Consider some of these types of building systems from RHINO: Metal Barns Metal barns are one of the simplest types of steel buildings because they come prefabricated as kits. All of the components are factory-precise with bolt-together… Read More

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Build Your Own Metal Building Guest Cottage

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 12 Our last article began a discussion on creating a metal building guest cottage in your own backyard. This final installment in our backyard hideaways series provides further information on private guest house buildings. The Pressures of the “Sandwich” Generation In many cultures it is common for several generations to live together. More and more, families in America are embracing this idea, too with guest house buildings. Reportedly, 49 million Americans now live in… Read More

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Save Big Bucks— or Make Big Bucks— with a Steel Building Guesthouse

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 11 The last two articles in our series on backyard hideaways concentrate on constructing a steel building guesthouse or other dwelling on your property. There are many reasons for needing a backyard guest cottage. Many Uses for a Metal Building Guesthouse In today’s economy, many people are embracing the second home concept. Here are just a few of the ways a small backyard dwelling serves needs: Visiting Friends and Family. Do you often have… Read More

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Entertain in Style in Your Own Steel Party Building

Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 10 Host your family’s next Thanksgiving dinner, your son’s scout meeting, or a barbeque with your co-workers in your own steel party building. People who love to entertain guests will love having the perfect steel event center in their own backyard. Sharing Your Gift of Hospitality Some people have a true gift for hospitality. They have a way of making even a casual gathering both enjoyable and memorable. Gifted hosts truly enjoy gathering with… Read More

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Storing the Stuff in a Metal Storage Building

Home Alone: Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 9 There is no more universally needed backyard hideaway than a metal storage building. Seems we all are trapped by ownership. Surrounded by the stuff we have bought and collected— and received as gifts or inheritances— we are drowning in debris. The attic, basement, closets, and garage all overflow with our stuff. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to eliminate the clutter from your life? Ever dream of cleaning out that attic space and… Read More

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Steeling Away to Your Backyard Home Office

Home Alone: Steel Buildings for Backyard Hideaways, Part 8 Imagine how your life would change if you had a backyard home office 25 feet from your back door, instead of commuting 25 miles away! It is easy to build your own highly efficient, highly productive home office with a pre-engineered steel building from RHINO Steel Building Systems. Spend More Time Computing and Less Time Commuting Almost everyone needs a home office for personal use. However, more and more people are… Read More

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