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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

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Building a Green Granny Pad

A Parent Pad that Saves Money— and Natural Resources Create a cozy, convenient, eco-friendly dwelling for an aging parent by building a green granny pad. Most people construct these compact backyard bungalows for seniors as a secondary dwelling on an adult child’s property. However, some families build a more manageable, downsized home for mom or dad on the parent’s property. Then the adult child and family move into the parent’s existing home. Choosing to “double up” households on one property… Read More

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Maximizing Air Quality in an Elder Cottage

The Inside Story on Building Healthy Homes for Seniors Building a safe, healthy elder cottage for an aging senior includes restricting indoor air pollutants. In fact, any new construction project should strive to create the cleanest inside air possible. The average adult breathes in about 3,000 gallons of air every day. The more polluted the air— and the longer the exposure— the greater the risk of health consequences. Studies show Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. Elderly people—… Read More

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A Senior-Safe In-Law Apartment- Part 2

37 Tips for Designing the Perfect “Granny Flat” Part 1 of this series on building an in-law apartment in your own backyard covered the first 21 tips for a seniors-friendly home. Here are the remaining 16 tips for planning and building a safe granny pad. In-Law Apartment Design Checklist continues… TIP 22: Choose slip-resistant flooring materials, with non-glare surfaces. Carpet should be firm. Install low, dense padding for floor surfaces. TIP 23: Install overhead kitchen cabinets about 3” lower than typical.… Read More

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In-Law Cottages for Aging Parents

Caregivers Turn to ADUs for Multigenerational Households As senior citizens increasingly dominate the U.S. population, many families are opting to build backyard “in-law cottages” as homes for elderly parents. Many baby boomers now find themselves caring for their parents or other older relatives. In fact, in the last year 34.2 million Americans acted as a caregiver to someone over 50. As the elderly’s needs change, so do the demands on the time and resources of the caregiver. Expensive assisted living… Read More

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