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Aircraft Hangars

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Five Reasons Metal Aircraft Hangars Rule

Why Aviators Choose Steel Hangars to Protect Their Planes Time and time again, aviators choose metal aircraft hangars to protect their flying investments.  Rigid-frame pre-engineered steel hangars provide the strongest possible shelters for planes, helicopters, and gliders. Although steel structures of all kinds provide many excellent benefits over construction methods, these five steel building advantages stand out to fliers: #1: SPACE Planes require large obstruction-free space for maximum maneuverability.  The bigger the aircraft, the more room is needed. Steel’s superb… Read More

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A Veteran’s Day Salute to Military Hangars

As We Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country So Faithfully The history of civilian aircraft hangars follows closely behind the development of military hangars.  In fact, it would be difficult to separate any aviation advances from military aircraft improvements. As we celebrate both Veteran’s Day and National Aviation History Month this month, let’s look at the history of military hangars in the U.S. and the aircraft they housed. Brief Military Flight Timeline You might expect airplane shelters to be… Read More

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Metal Hangars in Residential Airparks Takeoff

Why Detached Steel Hangars are Perfect for Airpark Pilots and Planes Having metal hangars at home creates a paradise for pilots and their planes at airparks across the U.S. and Canada. These residences-parked-on-a-runway create a haven for aviation enthusiasts and the real loves of their lives— their aircraft. Since November is National Aviation History Month, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at these fly-in communities that are making aviation history. Aviators and Airparks: Love at First Flight… Read More

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Using Steel Hangars to Safeguard Aircraft

From Red-Iron Hangars to the Wild Blue Yonder Steel hangars are almost as old as manned flight itself. From the early days of flight, protecting the sometimes fragile aircraft from harm was mandatory. Flying into History We often forget that the earliest successful manned flights were not airplanes, but gas balloons. The first manned balloon flight in America was in 1793, when the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard flew from Philadelphia to Deptford, NJ. Surprisingly, the first silk parachute jump was also… Read More

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Steel Aircraft Hangars are Green Hangars

Why Steel is the Environmentally Preferred Choice for Hangars Steel aircraft hangars remain the best “green” choice when constructing an eco-friendly home for jets, planes, or helicopters. That is good news for aircraft hangar owners, who already overwhelmingly build with steel. No other building material allows the wide expanses needed by aircraft hangars like steel framing does. With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all construction materials, only steel can create obstruction-free building interiors. Aircraft maneuverability requires the clear span designs… Read More

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Steel Helicopter Hangars

Protecting Whirlybirds with Sturdy Metal Hangars Fun, functional— and fragile— rotorcraft require the exceptional protection of a pre-engineered steel helicopter hangar. No other building system guards helicopters and other aircraft as well as a sturdy, durable steel hangar. Helicopters Protect Lives Many servicemen and women, as well as civilians, owe their lives to dedicated chopper pilots and their amazing airborne machines. All branches of the U.S. military, including the Coast Guard employ helicopters in day-to-day operations. Like fliting dragonflies, whirlybirds… Read More

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The World’s Largest Steel Building- Part 2

Fascinating Facts about the Most Fantastic Factory on Earth The world’s largest steel building— the Boeing Aircraft Plant in Everett, WA— defies imagination. The “Guinness Book of World Records” proclaims it the largest building— by volume— on the planet. While the construction history of the massive steel structure is fascinating, the day-to-day operations are equally impressive. Fast Facts about the World’s Largest Steel Building The size and scope of the sprawling Boeing Aircraft Plant boggle the mind: The 2,800 workers… Read More

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Hangar Doors for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Extraordinary-Width Doors for Aircraft and Large Access Equipment Aircraft demand mega-wide hangar doors for building entrances. RHINO steel buildings can accommodate any aircraft or vehicle with hangar-style doors in a variety of styles. Aircraft Hangars Built with Steel From helicopters to jumbo jets, aviation relies on steel-framed hangars almost exclusively. Why? Steel is the only sensible choice for hangars. Only steel provides the obstruction-free space required by aircraft. RHINO steel buildings easily span 200 feet or more without any interior… Read More

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Steel Aircraft Hangars: The Best Aviation Protection

Using Steel Aircraft Hangars to Protect Flying Assets Aircraft hangars provide shelter for both the aircraft and the maintenance which insures the safety of the aircraft, pilots, and passengers. An aircraft is a sizeable investment, so you’ll want the strongest shelter possible for the security your valuable asset.  The best protection possible is a prefabricated steel aircraft hangar from RHINO. PREFAB STEEL AIRPLANE HANGARS: A STRONGER, SAFER, SMARTER WAY TO BUILD Ever since man began dreaming up ways to fly,… Read More

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