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13 Reasons Real Estate Investors Choose Steel Buildings

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June 26, 2013

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for Commercial Real Estate Developers and Investors

Properly managed, real estate properties can generate sizable monthly cash flows.  Perceptive investors who own and lease commercial real estate property know the value of steel-framed buildings.  Commercial and industrial real estate developers also appreciate the qualities afforded by prefabricated steel buildings.

RHINO commercial steel office building with hip roofHere are seven of the most attractive reasons real estate investors and developers prefer pre-engineered steel buildings for their commercial properties:

1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings are Cost-effective

As in any other business, real estate investment depends on a tightly controlled bottom line.  Keeping building budgets down helps keep profits up.

Streamlined and efficient, the entire pre-engineered metal building process from design to production to assembly produces the most bang for the buck.  Efficient use of materials makes prefabricated steel buildings very affordable.

2. Steel is Environmentally Responsible

No other material matches the recycling record of steel.  What other building material can be recycled countless times without any loss of strength?  The magnetic qualities of steel make it easy to manage and move via industrial magnets.  Steel is by far the most recycled substance on the planet.

3. Customize the Property with an Array of Options

Commercial developers like the options available for metal building kits.  RHINO Steel Building Systems includes design choices for doors and windows, overhead doors, skylights and wall lights, gutters and downspouts, canopies, mezzanines, insulation packages, vents, and steel exterior and interiors panels.

Building exteriors can be finished with sturdy steel panels, brick, stucco, stone, concrete, wood, or any other common building material.

4. Fast Delivery from Closest Shipping Point

The closer the steel building manufacturing plant is to the building site, the less spent on shipping.  With multiple shipping points across the U.S., RHINO can save on freight charges.

5. Much faster framing assembly

Prefabricated steel framing arrives from the factory ready for assembly.  Builders typically save 33% or more on construction time with a prefab building kit.

The sooner the building is completed, the quicker it can be leased and generating a return on the investment.

6. Insurance savings

A pre-engineered steel building reduces builder’s risk insurance rates because the structure is erected do much quicker.

Steel framing is non-combustible and a commercial-grade building material, minimizing fire risk.  Many insurance companies also offer discounted rates for steel buildings.

7. Energy efficiency

Premium insulation systems like RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation Package may slash heating and cooling bills by as much as 50%.

8. Renters see steel framing as a plus

Steel-framed properties attract quality tenants.  People prefer to house their business in a stronger, safer, more energy efficient building.

9. Extremely low maintenance

Virtually maintenance-free, steel buildings reduce the need for costly upkeep.  While wood structures require costly upkeep and repairs to keep them rentable, steel buildings are almost ageless.

10. Ultimate floorplan flexibility

Floor plan flexibility allows steel buildings to change more easily when renters change.  A commercial building might house a restaurant operation, then a dance studio, or an insurance business.  Every new tenant may need to make changes in the floorplan to fit their operation.

With a clear span steel building, there are no load-bearing interior walls.  There is no limit to the layout options.  Remodeling can be quick and easy.

With larger buildings, space may be divided between several tenants, or offered as one large building.  Adaptability keeps the space rented and lucrative.   11). A building to fit any purpose

Regardless of the size or purpose for a commercial or industrial structure, a steel-framed building is available to fit every project.

12. Durable structure

Pre-engineered metal buildings provide decades of trouble-free service.  They outperform most other structures during high winds, heavy rains or snows, and hail storms.  They are termite-resistant, non-combustible, and lightning-resistant, too.

13. Excellent resale value

High-quality steel buildings are almost ageless.  They stand the test of time, holding their beauty, function, and value for decades longer than other structures.  Should an investor decide to sell their rental property, they will find steel buildings customarily offer excellent resell value— provided the location is desirable.

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- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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