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Investors and Steel Buildings

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Multi-Use Metal Buildings

The Infinite Possibilities of Multi-function Steel Building Kits Pre-engineered steel structures make excellent multi-use metal buildings.  Steel buildings lend themselves well to multiple operations today— and for changing uses in the future. Besides, what could be more cost-effective than one structure serving multiple needs? Multi-Use Metal Buildings for Investors Steel buildings are attractive, economical, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain structures.  This appeals to bottom line conscious real estate investors.  However, the greatest attribute from an investor’s standpoint may be the adaptability of… Read More

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The Dollars and Sense of Green Buildings

How Eco-Friendly Structures Outperform Other Real Estate Investments Numerous studies find that green buildings financially outperform ordinary structures. That’s good news for the investor, the tenant, and the planet. How the Investor Benefits from Green Buildings Successful commercial and industrial rentals depend on five things. Green buildings improve the potential outcome on every level: Fast occupancy: Empty space gathers no profits. New commercial or industrial buildings need to lease quickly to begin generating revenue. The benefits of green buildings attract… Read More

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Steel Building Benefits for Investors

Building and Leasing Metal Buildings for Profit Discerning commercial and industrial property investors appreciate the cash flow opportunities afforded by a pre-engineered steel building. A high-quality metal building generates a steady, predictable income stream year after year. Moreover, steel buildings require little upkeep, yet still hold their value over decades of use. A Steel Building is Economical to Build Commercial investors overwhelmingly choose pre-engineered metal buildings for construction. Currently steel claims 65% of all new low-rise commercial construction— and that… Read More

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#1 Reason to Buy Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Steel Buildings Cost Less What is the main motivation so many people choose to construct pre-engineered metal buildings? Well, it is the same basic motivation driving people choose any other product: the bottom line. Steel buildings cost less. We all spout platitudes about demanding quality— and we do want the most bang for our buck— but when push comes to shove, money talks. In fact, money SHOUTS! No matter how wonderful the features of a building system, if it is… Read More

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RHINO Business Park Update

Phase 4 Completed at the Industrial Park in Denton, TX Last year we told our readers about the RHINO Business Park under construction. At that time, phase one and phase two were completed, while phase three was beginning. Located in Denton, Texas, the RHINO Business Park offers a prime location just off the business loop from Interstate-35. Two Latest Additions to the RHINO Business Park The RHINO Business Park now includes two new structures completed earlier this year. The first… Read More

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Baby Boomers Drive Need for Medical Buildings- Part 2

The Advantages of Building Healthcare Facilities with Steel As the multitudes of baby boomers march relentlessly toward 65, the need for more medical buildings increases, year by year. In 1950, 12.3 MILLION people in the U.S. were 65 or older In 2000, the number of senior Americans swelled to 25.0 MILLION. By 2030, after the last of the baby boomers hits 65, the senior ranks will swell to 72.1 MILLION. By 2050, the number of Americans 65 or older is… Read More

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Creating Income with Industrial Metal Buildings

Build and Rent Space for Warehousing or Manufacturing Plants We are approaching phase 3 in construction of a business park of industrial metal buildings in Denton, Texas. You too can create a steady income stream with steel industrial buildings. How to Start Investing in Industrial Real Estate There are many things to consider before launching into the industrial real estate market. Most importantly: do your homework! There is no substitution for research. Before you begin, consider the following questions: SINGLE… Read More

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Steel Industrial Buildings: a Solid Investment

Building and Leasing Industrial Metal Buildings for Profit Perceptive investors often choose to include steel industrial buildings as part of their real estate holdings. There are two main reasons: 1) industrial buildings produce significant revenue; and 2) steel industrial buildings promise the most bang for the buck. Why Choose Industrial Buildings as Income Producing Properties? Investors find the industrial market offers many advantages over commercial or residential real estate options. An industrial property: Provides a steady, predictable income stream Typically… Read More

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Building a Future with Industrial Steel Buildings

Completing Phase 2 of the RHINO Business Park in Denton, TX RHINO ships strong, durable industrial steel buildings all across North America. Recently, we at RHINO embarked on our own odyssey into real estate development. With decades of experience in prefabricated metal buildings— and a yearning to conquer new horizons— we plunged into developing a commercial/light industrial park. Phase 1 of the RHINO Business Park Our last post covered the renovation of the two existing metal buildings on the property… Read More

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13 Reasons Real Estate Investors Choose Steel Buildings

The Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for Commercial Real Estate Developers and Investors Properly managed, real estate properties can generate sizable monthly cash flows.  Perceptive investors who own and lease commercial real estate property know the value of steel-framed buildings.  Commercial and industrial real estate developers also appreciate the qualities afforded by prefabricated steel buildings. Here are seven of the most attractive reasons real estate investors and developers prefer pre-engineered steel buildings for their commercial properties: 1. Pre-engineered Steel Buildings… Read More

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