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Startup Business Ideas for 2017

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January 3, 2017

Part 2:  75 New Businesses to Start this Year

If you have been dreaming of becoming your own boss, but do not have a specific enterprise in mind, check out this list of startup business ideas. Some will involve specific skillsets and training; other business endeavors require little previous training.

Business Startup IdeaMany entrepreneurs already have vision for a product or service, based on their own ideas, talents, and experience.

The objective is to find the business startup most compatible and exciting to you— and the most feasible in your marketplace. If you do not feel enthusiastic about a new business opportunity, it is definitely the wrong match for you.

75 Startup Business Ideas

Most of these suggested startup business opportunities could begin as part-time side businesses— or as full time ventures.

  1. Accounting and Payroll Services
  2. Aquarium Maintenance
  3. Attic and Garage Cleaning Service
  4. Auto Detailing Service
  5. Blogging
  6. Business Writing Services
  7. Car Washing Service
  8. Cell Phone Repair
  9. Childproofing Service
  10. Clothing Alterations
  11. Computer Repair Service
  12. Craft Fair / Flea Market Sales
  13. Custom Embroidery Business
  14. Day Care at Home
  15. Delivery Service
  16. Dog Walking
  17. e-Bay Sales
  18. e-commerce Business
  19. Elderly Home Care
  20. Equipment Rental
  21. Errand Service
  22. Estate Sale Service
  23. Event Planning
  24. Espresso Cart
  25. Fitness Trainer
  26. Food Kiosk
  27. Freelance Writing
  28. Graphic Design
  29. Gutter and Exterior Building Cleaning
  30. Hair Stylist
  31. Handyman Services
  32. Hauling Service
  33. Hauling Services
  34. Health Vitamin and Supplement Business
  35. Home or Office Organizer
  36. House Painting Business
  37. House Sitting Service
  38. Human Resource Management
  39. Interior Design for Small Businesses
  40. Janitorial or House Cleaning Services
  41. Laundry Service
  42. Lawn Care and Gardening Service
  43. Lawn Mowing Services
  44. Makeup Artist
  45. Meal Delivery
  46. Medical Transcription
  47. Mobile APP Developer
  48. Moving Service
  49. Notary Service
  50. Packing/Unpacking Service
  51. Personal Chef Service
  52. Personal Shopping Service
  53. Pet Sitting Services
  54. Photo Restoration
  55. Picture Framing
  56. Plant Leasing and Maintenance
  57. Pool Cleaning Service
  58. Proofreading Service
  59. Real Estate Agent or Broker
  60. Real Estate Rentals- residential or commercial
  61. Scrap-booking Service
  62. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant
  63. Snow Removal
  64. Social Media Consultant
  65. Tax Services
  66. Translation Service
  67. T-Shirt Design
  68. Tutorial Service
  69. Vending Machine Service
  70. Wallpapering Service
  71. Website Designer
  72. Wedding Consultant
  73. Wholesale Bakery
  74. Window Washing Service
  75. Yoga or Tai Chi Instructor

If none of these startup business ideas appeals to you, search online to discover more options.

Franchise Opportunities

If you are not confident about launching out on your own, check out franchise opportunities. Although start costs are generally far greater than starting a business from scratch, the support of the parent company makes franchises more viable for less experienced entrepreneurs.

In addition to the initial costs of purchasing the franchise, the franchise company receives a portion of your business’ sales.

Research franchises online to determine initial costs and expected profits, to find an operation compatible with your skills, goals, and your market.

Professional Business, Professional Office

Business Startup OfficeImpress your company’s clients by putting a professional face on your company. Conducting business from an attractive and well-maintained building in a good location inspires confidence in your operation.

When the time comes to erect your business’ first office, headquarters, or warehouse, consider the advantages offered by a RHINO Steel Building System.

Our pre-engineered metal buildings provide distinct advantages as low-rise office buildings.

  • Flexible Floor Plans. Clear span steel structures simplify building floor plans. Without the need for load-bearing walls, floor plans rearrangement simply and economically to accommodate a growing company’s changing needs.
  • Low Overhead. With proper insulation (like RHINO’s Pro-Value Insulation Package), steel structures cut utilities in half. Inorganic metal buildings avoid mold, mildew, and termite problems and expensive repairs. Pre-engineered steel buildings need very little upkeep, saving even more. Steel’s fire-resistant properties earn lower insurance rates with many carriers. RHINO steel buildings hold their value and great looks decades longer than other types of structures, so your structural investment remains secure.
  • Economical Expansion. As your new start business grows, so can your RHINO steel building. Extending endwalls on a pre-engineered metal building is both easy and cost-effective. Sidewall expansions are also available. If the structure’s ceiling height allows, mezzanine second floors expand usable space in a metal building.

Familiarize yourself with the many benefits we call The RHINO Difference. You will soon see why so many RHINO customers return to RHINO again and again for all their building projects.

Give RHINO a call now at 888.320.7466. Our steel building specialists will answer all your questions, offer expert advice, and furnish free quotes for your business’ new home.
Check out part one of this series on startup businesses, which defined the 10 Traits of Successful Small Business Owners.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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