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Steel Helicopter Hangars

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September 20, 2016

Protecting Whirlybirds with Sturdy Metal Hangars

Fun, functional— and fragile— rotorcraft require the exceptional protection of a pre-engineered steel helicopter hangar. No other building system guards helicopters and other aircraft as well as a sturdy, durable steel hangar.

Helicopters Protect Lives

Steel Helicopter HangarsMany servicemen and women, as well as civilians, owe their lives to dedicated chopper pilots and their amazing airborne machines. All branches of the U.S. military, including the Coast Guard employ helicopters in day-to-day operations.

Like flitting dragonflies, whirlybirds maneuver effortlessly into inaccessible— and sometimes hostile— areas to rescue people in dire circumstances. Used for medical evacuation and emergency medical transportation, military and hospital helicopters move the injured swiftly to life-saving medical care.

Flying fire pilots in choppers disperse firefighters to precise locations in wildfires. Firebirds also rescue both civilians and firefighters caught in the path of deadly blazes. Aerial firefighters use helicopters fitted with tanks or helibuckets to help douse wildfires with water from nearby lakes or rivers.

Search and rescue copter aviators track the stranded or injured. If the terrain allows, the chopper picks up the lost hikers or skiers. If the topography prevents air extraction, the helo crew pinpoints the location for ground rescue teams.

Police chopper pilots serve as the “eye-in-the-sky” for local law enforcement. Many local and national news outlets maintain helicopters to speed to breaking stories and report on traffic problems.

Tourism in many areas relies on helicopter services for a “bird’s-eye-view” of the area. Photographic services provide another revenue generator for some aerial rotorcraft services. In addition, many civilian chopper pilots maintain their own personal whirlybirds for fun and sometimes profit.

All these helicopters need strong, steel helicopter hangar construction for protection from the elements.

Steel is the Only Sensible Choice for Chopper Hangars

To create the lift needed to fly, choppers must be extremely lightweight. The endless vibration of a helicopter in flight takes it toll on these incredibly maneuverable machines. Consequently, helicopters require diligent maintenance— and heavy-duty protection.

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer the best helo protection at the best possible price.

RHINO metal helicopter hangars provide durable, waterproof structures for all types of rotorcraft, gliders, jets, and other aircraft.

RHINO helicopter hangar construction offers the benefits chopper owners appreciate most:

Unobstructed space— RHINO steel helicopter hangars promise clear span, column-free interiors up to 300’ wide.

Towering heights— Choose hangars up to 42’ at the eave height on a standard RHINO design. Even taller structures are available with additional engineering. Taller hangars allow ample space for a variety of aircraft— and leave room for two-story offices, kitchen space, or pilot and personnel quarters. Unlike Quonset-type arch-shaped metal buildings, RHINO hangars supply maximum usable space.

Limitless lengths— Pre-engineered steel buildings and hangars can achieve any length required.

Watertight protection— RHINO’s fasteners with built-in sealing washers, die-formed ridge caps, sealed eave closures, and formed-based trim keep the hangar dry in all types of weather. Extra-tough 26-gauge purling bearing rib (PBR) rust-resistant steel panels create a strong, durable exterior.

RHINO also offers even stronger 24-gauge standing seam panels. Standing seam panels eliminate the need for screws to penetrate the roof material at all, for even better waterproofing.

Strong hangar doors— Choose from a wide selection of hangar doors styles, including sliding, vertical lift, and bi-folding hangar doors with manual, electric, or hydraulic lifting systems.

RHINO hangar doors are available with certification up to 145 mph wind resistance. Insulated doors are also an option.

(RHINO’s most popular hangar doors are the 45’ and 60’ wide hydraulic lift doors. Even larger doors are available.)

Bolt-together system— No welding, cutting, drilling, or painting is necessary with a RHINO hangar. Our pre-engineered system decreases construction time by about 33%.

Experienced do-it-yourselfers often opt to erect the structure themselves with smaller hangars and buildings.

Bird-proof ceilings Unlike truss-type buildings, RHINO’s rafter-and-beam rigid-steel buildings offer no place for birds to rest or nest overhead, fouling your chopper, equipment, or your crew!

Ultimate protection— Designed to withstand Mother Nature at her worst, RHINO buildings promise built-in resistance to earthquake, fire, lightning, snow, termites, and wind damage.

Because RHINO commercial-grade steel helicopter hangars are non-combustible, expect significant saving on insurance premiums.

Customized designs— Tailor your helicopter hangar with overhead cranes, cupolas, mezzanines, vents, gutters, or skylights and wall lights— whatever you needed to make the building ideal for your helicopter or other aircraft.

Choose from an array of exterior panel colors and trim. Finish the exterior with stone or brick accents for an upscale look.

RHINO Steel Helicopter Hangars

RHINO ships competitively priced steel helicopter hangars and support structures all over North America. Our metal buildings are guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes for the lifetime of the structure.

Keep your rotorcraft, glider, or fixed-wing aircraft safe from the elements with an affordable, long-lasting, low maintenance RHINO custom hangar.

Experience The RHINO Difference for yourself. For more information or a free, no obligation quote on helicopter hangar construction, call 940.383.9566.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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