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6 Reasons Spacious Steel Garages Rule

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January 19, 2016

Roomy Multi-Purpose Metal Buildings Increase Property Value

Steel garages with ample storage offer so many possibilities. Why settle for just an ordinary garage? Build a combination garage and storage building that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Picture having room for all your vehicles— with extra storage space for all the stuff crowding your living space. Well-built metal garages and multi-purpose structures provide ample room for whatever you would like to include.

More than a GarageA bigger multi-purpose steel garage also supplies enough room to create your own dream space. Let your imagination go.

Do you long for a place to work on cars or woodworking projects? Do you daydream about a place to chill out with friends, a “man cave” with a big screen TV and a pool table? If you are a film-lover, perhaps you dream of a home theater with plush, comfortable seating and a spectacular audio system. Are you the creative type, who needs space for crafts and hobbies? Maybe you need an apartment for guests or for an aging parent. If you are health-conscious, perhaps your dream is a fully equipped home gym with a sauna or hot tub. Or do you long for a quiet place to work in a home office or to start a new business?

Whatever your dream, indulge it. Create room for your dream space with new garage construction services from us.

Six Reasons People Choose to Build Multi-Purpose Steel Garages

1. VERSATILITY and ADAPTABILITY: No other building system matches the strength of steel. Pre-engineered clear span steel buildings do not require load-bearing interior walls or columns. Consequently, metal garages and multi-purpose structures deliver complete floor plan freedom— now and in the future.

Divide your space however you want. Years from now, if your needs change, remodeling is a snap with steel. You don’t have to worry about interfering interior columns or weight distribution. You are free to renovate as needed.

Should you decide to sell your home later, floorplan flexibility is a great selling point. While your dream space was a fully equipped workshop, the next owners may prefer to makeover the space for a home gym or a media room. Steel simplifies the remodeling process.

2. AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT: Pre-fabricated steel buildings are not only economical to build, but also economical to operate:

• People with construction experience find erecting their own steel building both fun and economical.

• Do-it-yourselfers may prefer to have the steel erected by an experienced crew, but reduce construction costs by finishing the interior themselves.

• The fire-resistant qualities of steel earn sizable discounts on insurance premiums.

• Well-insulated steel buildings drastically cut utilities. (RHINO Steel Building Systems’ optional Pro-Value Insulation Package cuts cooling and heating costs as much as 50%.)

• Metal buildings require very little maintenance, another money saver.

• Spacious steel garages with multi-purpose space attract buyers and increase selling price.

Too Much Stuff infographic3. PROTECTION: No other building system protects your vehicles and valuables better than steel structures. Steel has the strongest weight-to-strength ratio of any building material. A premium-quality steel building resists damage from earthquakes, fire, hail, heavy snows, leakage, lightning, mold, rot, termites— and time.

4. LONGEVITY: Steel buildings will last decades longer than other building materials. Metal structures retain their good looks and value far better than wood structures.

5. STYLE OPTIONS: Real estate professionals will tell you that garages and other accessory buildings increase property value most when they complement the look of the home.

Choose to finish the exterior of your steel multi-purpose building with steel panels in colors compatible with your home exterior. Or, if you choose, finish your steel building to match your home with identical brick, glass, stone, or even wood.

Residential style doors and windows may be purchased locally for your new oversized metal garage. Automatic overhead doors are also an amenity available for new garage construction. (RHINO offers overhead doors in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Wind-rated and insulated overhead doors are also available.)

6. GREEN BUILDING: As the most recycled material in the world, steel is a very eco-friendly building material. The most incredible characteristic of steel is its ability to be recycled countless types without losing any strength. At the end of your metal multi-purpose building’s usefulness, the steel can be sold and recycled again.

Green building is very attractive to today’s homebuyers. (RHINO steel buildings contain up to 90.7% recycled steel.)

Start Planning Your Spacious Steel Building Today!

Call RHINO now for new garage construction. Our toll free number is 888.320.7466.

- by Mat Brown,

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