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Building Steel She Sheds and Man Caves

Why Metal DIY Sheds Make Ideal Backyard Retreats

People are creating their own havens with metal she sheds, man caves and hobby house kits.

Indulging in Man Caves and Shed Sheds

Icon depicting a metal DIY building for shed sheds, man caves, or workshops.Just imagine it—

You have a place where you can escape from the clamor of another busy, demanding day.  A stress-free zone you created in your own backyard.

It is there when you most need it.  A spot of solitude.  Your own space.  That province of peace where you can unwind, doing whatever makes you happy.

She Shed and Man Cave Ideas

Smiling woman in front of her tricked out backyard getaway.There is no limit to the ways you can utilize our prefab she shed kits and prefab man caves.  For example:

  • Art studio
  • Beading barn
  • Elegant spa
  • Exercise and weight room
  • Gal pal getaway
  • Guest cottage
  • Hobby hut or craft cottage
  • Home office
  • Home theater
  • Knitter’s nook
  • Personal sports bar
  • Pool room
  • Poolside bar
  • Private library
  • Quiet nap shed
  • Sew shed
  • Simple solitaire shed
  • Staycation cabin
  • Tea room
  • Tool shop
  • Workshop
  • Writer’s retreat

Metal Buildings vs. Garden Sheds

Transforming a tool shed into a hideaway isn’t easy.  Most people find them too cramped and uncomfortable.  It winds up feeling more like a kids’ cobbled together clubhouse than a sleek adult refuge.  Inevitably, they find themselves wishing for more.

That’s why smart homeowners are choosing metal buildings for their dream retreats.

Steel buildings provide a more stable, more versatile, and safer backyard getaway than a cookie-cutter wooden shed.

Moreover, a well-constructed metal building adds permanence.  Steel structures add value to your property; cookie-cutter woodsheds do not.

DIY Sheds from RHINO

So why choose RHINO Steel Building Systems specifically?

Because RHINO’s prefab metal buildings go beyond the tiny basic wood shed kits supplied by the local home improvement center.

RHINO pre-engineered steel building kits are custom designed for you specifically.  They provide so much than a claustrophobic wood kit.

Happy man stands in front of his roomy steel workshop going up.In addition, our DIY sheds provide customizing options you cannot get with a simple garden shed.

You can customize your RHINO hobby hut getaways.  For example, you might choose to add gutters, skylights, reflective metal roofing, and doors.

In addition, RHINO’s insulation packages keep your she shed or man cave cozy and comfortable.  Moreover, RHINO’s pro-value insulation cuts down outside noise— that’s a real plus when you are longing for quiet and downtime.

Of course, the greatest advantage our steel buildings offer the hobbyist is fire resistance.  Steel is non-combustible.  In fact, insurance is actually cheaper for steel sheds and structures than for wood buildings.

Furthermore, a metal man cave or she shed requires very little upkeep.  That leaves more free time for you to enjoy your steel sanctuary.

And your fortress of solitude need not look like a plain tool shelter, either.  Our adaptable multi-purpose buildings allow you to split the space to allow room for other activities or extra storage space.  (And who doesn’t need more storage space?)

Build it Yourself with RHINO DIY Shed Kits

Our steel structures also adapt to any exterior building material you desire.  If you wish, you can choose a brick, stone, or stucco exterior to match your home.  However, you can also select from an array of steel panels in complementing colors.  It is all up to you.

As DIY sheds, our structures cannot be beat.  Many of our customers erect their own RHINO steel structures for their she shed and man cave ideas.


Do not settle for a humble garden hut.  Build your dream backyard getaway with a roomy RHINO metal building kit.

Discover the RHINO Difference in Personal Space

RHINO ships strong prefab metal buildings of all sizes from multiple shipping points.  Our durable steel framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all your current local building codes for the lifetime of the building.

Discover The RHINO Difference for yourself.

Let us know how we can serve your building needs.  Call RHINO today at 940.383.9566 for details.

(Updated 8-14-2019.  Originally published 12-13-2012.)