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Get Away from it All in a Steel Hobby House

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December 13, 2012

Finding Time and Space to Unwind

Hobbies often bring us some of the greatest joy in our lives, yet usually are the one thing for which we have the least amount of time.  Hobbies let us express ourselves as we can’t in any other way, using our creativity, tuned to our own personal interests, fulfilling us in ways our day-to-day lives seldom do.  A steel-framed hobby house kit provides the space to really enjoy your pastime.

Our pastimes make us more complete and well-rounded as human beings, allowing us to share our mutual interests with others and giving us an outlet for expression.

A hobby simply makes you happy.

RHINO Steel Buildings for backyard hobby housesBut our frantic modern lives sometimes feel as if they are stuck on fast-forward.  This harried pace creates a great paradox: a greater need for a leisure outlet— but less time to engage in one.

So many recreational hobby activities require a surplus of stuff to participate.  Our favorite pastime often seems like too much trouble to set up and clean up.  We have limited block of free time and don’t want to waste it setting up and cleaning up our hobby materials.  We want to spend that time working on out latest project.

Consider scrapbooking, for example.

Many times you’d love to spend just a quiet 30 or 45 minutes working on a memory-making scrapbook project, but dragging out all the glue, scrapbook sheets, stickers, scissors, photos, and supplies would take too long.  And you’d still have to put it all away when you finished.

So instead you opt to spend those precious minutes watching yet another mind-numbing reality show on the tube.

Are you an artist?  The problem is the same.  Regardless of your favorite art medium, if you don’t have space for a studio, you’ll only get a chance to create when you have at least half a day or more to devote to it.

What about those whose hobby is collecting something?  Where do you put all the antique dolls, hubcaps, license plates, rocks, stamps, coins, porcelain teacups, lunchboxes, comic books, antique firearms, or model trains you’ve collected where they are protected, easily accessible— and where you can really enjoy them?

How Can You Tell Your Family and Friends “Do Not Disturb”?

Finding privacy to practice your hobby can also be a real problem.

Is there enough room in the garage to take apart that old 1969 Plymouth Barracuda you’ve been dying to rebuild?  Did you ever try to crochet, knit, or needlepoint with a cat in the room?  How hard is it to focus on the latest John Grisham novel with your teenager “getting down” with the latest rock or rap tunes down the hall?

It’s hard to focus on the poem you are writing with the TV blasting the latest Cowboy-Redskins game in the next room.  How can you concentrate on getting the chord progression right on the latest country song, or learning the arpeggio in that classical piece you’re practicing when the phone rings every five minutes?

And don’t forget your hobby clutter affects other family members: the pieces of lumber scattered across the backyard from your latest woodworking project; the mess strewn all over from your scrapbooking project; the odor of the oil paint and turpentine permeating your house when you paint; the half-completed jigsaw puzzle spread out on the dining room table; the squelching of your ham radio; the pounding of your drums on your snare set; the beads that rolled off the table and across the floor when you were making jewelry; or the acrid smell of your wood burning kit.

A Place for Your Pastime

Even small amounts of time could be so much more productive and enjoyable if we could simply sit down whenever we had an hour or so and begin to work immediately on our latest project, then just stand up and walk away when we need to.

To enjoy your hobby fully, you need space, seclusion, and… STEEL.


House your hobby in a backyard building constructed with a pre-fabricated metal building from RHINO Steel Building Systems.

Pick a metal building size to fit your location, your hobby needs, and your budget.  Then just choose the options and facade you want to make the building uniquely work for you.

Want the hobby hut to match your home?  No problem.  RHINO’s steel buildings can be finished in sturdy, long-lasting steel panels in a variety of vibrant colors— or finish the outside with brick, stone, or any other traditional exterior material.

If your hobby lends itself to actually making money, you might even turn your pastime into a paycheck.

Want a Comfortable, Energy-Saving Building?

That’s easy with our RHINO Pro-Value insulation package.  The Pro-Value insulation system can save as much as 50% on heating and cooling your new steel hobby house.  It also shuts out more outside noise for a much quieter place to indulge in your favorite passion.

Does your pastime require natural lighting?  Simply order ample windows for your backyard building, or add RHINO’s optional skylights or wall-lights for a bright, sunny interior.

Think a steel building just for your hobby is too extravagant?

Not so.  RHINO prefabricated metal buildings are very affordable.  And they enhance the value of your property.

Best of all, if you’re a real do-it-yourselfer or have some building experience, you may want to opt to build your pre-engineered metal building yourself with a few friends, or make it a family project.  That can save you even more.

RHINO buildings are easy to assemble, since each piece is cut, welded, drilled, and marked at the factory to bolt and screw together in a logical, step-by-step progression.

The RHINO Difference

There are other benefits to creating a metal hobby house in your own backyard with a RHINO steel building system.

Steel is stronger, offering better protection from hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, fire, termites, mold, and even aging, than a typical wood-framed structure.  A RHINO steel-framed building is built to last.

RHINO metal buildings are also eco-friendly.  The most recycled material on the planet, steel can be recycled over and over without losing any of its strength.

Since steel is stronger than ordinary wood framing, it uses fewer pieces, so the framing goes together quickly and easily and produces little waste material.  If there is any leftover steel at the end of construction, it can be sold for recycling.

The Pro-Value insulation system used for RHINO steel buildings reduces energy use, another environmental plus.

More Room for Leisure and Entertaining

Prefabricated metal buildings are not only a great solution for suburban steel hobby houses; they’re also practical for other leisure activities.

Imagine a complete media room with a big screen TV and lots of space for enjoying favorite movies and sports events with family and friends.  Or choose to build a private office, separate from your home.

A metal building could be a great playroom for the kids.  Or better yet, how about a playroom for the adults, with a pool table, a poker or bridge table, and a kitchenette for entertaining?

Multi-Purpose Buildings

Have you considered a multi-purpose steel structure?

If you are one of those ultra-creative people, you may indulge in more than one hobby.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a metal hobby house where you could create separate alcoves or workstations for each of the avocations you practice?

How about a garage on one end for the RV and a shop on the other end for that classic car you’re rebuilding?  Or create a split steel hobby building with one end designed for your woodworking shop and the other half devoted to you better half’s winemaking projects.

The suburban steel hobby house possibilities are as infinite as the number of hobbyists.

Make the Most of Your Leisure Time

Indulge in your favorite hobby by making it easily accessable in a backyard metal hobby house from RHINO Steel Building Systems.

RHINO ships strong pre-engineered metal buildings to all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico, from multiple shipping points.  Our durable steel framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes for the lifetime of the building.

Discover The RHINO Difference for yourself.

Let us know how we can serve your hobby house or leisure metal building needs.  Call RHINO Steel Building Systems today toll free at 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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