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Recreational Buildings

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Steel Campground Buildings

Durable Prefab Metal Buildings for Recreational Areas It just makes sense to outfit recreational areas with prefabricated steel campground buildings.  From city parks to RV parks to national parks, pre-engineered steel buildings provide the best structures and campground construction options at the best prices. The Scope of the Recreational Market The rush for the great outdoors is on.  People are charging to campgrounds and parks in record numbers.  In fact, over 40 million people in the U.S. go camping each… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Baseball Facilities

Why Metal Buildings are the Heavy Hitters of Baseball Buildings Steel buildings for baseball house all the best facilities in the country. Why? Because a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) hits a home run every time. It Happens Every Spring As April rolls around, sports fans of all ages turn their attention to America’s favorite pastime: baseball. From Little Leagues to Major Leagues, we are all captivated by a good nail-biting baseball game. Baseball players of every age are serious about… Read More

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Steel: The Green Choice for Rec Buildings

Eco-Friendly Recreational Buildings Begin with Steel Building green commercial or institutional rec buildings means choosing construction materials with the smallest possible environmental impact. Steel framing is the recycling winner of all green building methods. Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Conservationists rate preserving natural resources by three main methods: reducing, recycling, and reducing. REDUCING: Choosing pre-engineered steel building systems for rec buildings reduces raw material usage. Steel’s superior strength-to-weight ratio produces a stouter structure with far fewer building materials than other construction… Read More

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Profits in Parties: The Event Venue Business

Building Revenues with a Venue An event venue sets the mood for a business conference, corporate meeting, private party, reunion, wedding, or other gathering. The success of the event rests with the one planning— and those hosting— the event. Most events require a professional events planner, caterer, audio/visual equipment, and possibly live entertainment. The successful event venue manager must supply these amenities— or be ready to recommend local vendors specializing in such services. Establish business relationships with local bakeries, bridal… Read More

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Americans at Play in Recreational Buildings

Cashing in on America’s Leisure Time Activities When Mother Nature turns nasty, Americans turn to indoor activities in recreational buildings. Did you know the rocking chair is an American invention? Even at rest, Americans feel the need to move. Consequently, we spend much of our leisure hours in active pursuits like sports or games. Recent statistics show 96% of Americans engage in some sort of recreational activity every day. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend an… Read More

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Open-Air Buildings for Undercover Operations

Using Pre-engineered Metal Buildings as Outdoor Shelters You can enjoy the great outdoors even in rainy weather with open-air buildings metal pavilions and shelters. Basically huge permanent canopies, open-air structures are protective roofs without exterior walls. Sometimes called shade structures, open-air buildings protect people or assets from the blazing sun, pounding rain and hail, or snow— without obstructing the view. Shade Shelter Uses There are open-air metal pavilions and shelters for agriculture, aviation, churches, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and residential purposes:… Read More

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School Gymnasiums Built with Steel- Part 2

How Metal Buildings Meet the Criteria for Gym Construction In our last post, we examined some of the special challenges of school gymnasiums. This post shows why pre-engineered steel buildings meet the criteria for school gyms better than any other building method. Steel: the Smart Choice for School Gymnasiums Let’s study the factors unique to school gym construction, point by point: FULLY USABLE SPACE: As with aircraft hangars and warehouses, gymnasiums require unrestricted use of space. Steel boasts the greatest… Read More

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School Gymnasiums Built with Steel- Part 1

The Challenges of Gym Design and Construction Kids today spend far more time staring at flickering screens than working up a sweat in school gymnasiums. That needs to change. America’s youth is following in the dragging footsteps of adult couch potatoes. Technological gizmos and gadgets capture kids’ time and attention. Many of today’s children and adolescents have little time or interest in sports or fitness. The majority of schools no longer require physical education classes for all ages. Obesity rates… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Building Buns of Steel in Steel Buildings Health clubs, fitness centers and gyms are springing up all across the U.S. and the world. Membership-based fitness facilities like these create an exciting income potential for health-conscious individuals, professionals, and investors alike. How much income does the fitness club industry generate? Globally, member-based fitness facilities rake in over $84 billion annually. The key to success in the fitness market is to create an inviting environment at a convenient location, staffed with attractive… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Karate Schools and Dance Studios

Teaching People to Kick Up Their Heels in Steel Buildings Pre-engineered steel buildings prove an excellent investment for karate schools and dance studios. Metal prefab studio kits offer the unfettered spaciousness critical to the free motions of martial arts and performance arts training. Four Reasons Karate Schools and Dance Studio Owners Choose Steel Buildings Every successful commercial enterprise demands cost-conscious locations to do business. Steel buildings provide martial arts dojos and schools of dance with features that meet their unique… Read More

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