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Steel Campground Buildings

Durable Prefab Metal Buildings for Recreational Areas

It just makes sense to outfit recreational areas with prefabricated steel campground buildings.  From city parks to RV parks to national parks, pre-engineered steel buildings provide the best structures and campground construction options at the best prices.

The Scope of the Recreational Market

covered picnic area made from an attract green-roofed steel campground buildingThe rush for the great outdoors is on.  People are charging to campgrounds and parks in record numbers.  In fact, over 40 million people in the U.S. go camping each year— many up to three times annually.

Today 61% of American households have someone in the family who goes camping regularly.

Led by retiring baby boomers and outdoor-enthusiastic millennials, camping and other nature pursuits have become the economical way to get away for the weekend— or a longer vacation.

Industry experts predict the number of outdoor fans to continue rising about 2% annually.

In recent years, camping has become chic.  Luxury camping, known as “glamping,” is a growing trend, especially with baby boomers.

Today’s campers want to enjoy nature’s bounty surrounded by modern conveniences.  They flock to campgrounds boasting RV hookups, cabins, campground stores, clean restrooms and bathhouses, good lighting, sheltered picnic areas, dump stations, and kid-friendly areas and activities.  In fact, campgrounds that supply these services have enticed many away from the more rustic camping of national parks.

Not surprisingly, today’s campers demand Wi-Fi and cellular service.  In fact, 97% of outdoor enthusiasts say they bring their technology with them con their camping trips.

Keeping your campground or park attractive, functional, and updated will rake in the camping dollars.

Protection from the Elements

Time in the great outdoors centers a weary soul.  Enjoying the beauty of nature inspires us, gently easing away the stress and strain of our fast-paced, high-tech lifestyles.  Spending time outdoors both calms us and invigorates us, preparing us to return refreshed to our daily lives.

Yet there are challenges and dangers, too.  Nature can be incredibly unpredictable.

Consequently, strong protection from the elements should be a major concern for park managers.

The Wonders of Steel Campground Buildings for Campground Construction

Prefabricated metal buildings offer the best protection from nature at her worst.  Pre-engineered steel campground buildings offer the following advantages over other types of structures:

  • Built-in resistance to strong storm dangers like snow, lightning, and wind
  • Economical construction
  • Fast construction
  • Immunity to rot
  • Impervious to mold and termite damage
  • Lasting strength and beauty
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-combustible fire resistance
  • On-site construction
  • Ultra-strong structures
  • Inhospitable to nesting birds
  • Waste-free, green building materials

Where Recreational Buildings Are Used

Anywhere people camp or gather for outdoor activities, there is a need for strong structures to safeguard people from the elements.  Steel buildings uniquely fit the requirements for all types of recreational areas, including:

  • Church and organization camps
  • National parks
  • Outdoor corporate retreats
  • Public campgrounds
  • RV parks
  • Scout camps
  • State and city parks

Types of Recreational Structures

The type of recreational structures used varies, depending on the functions and size of the park.  Possible steel structures include:

  • Administration offices
  • Bunkhouses/Cabins
  • Covered amphitheaters
  • Covered group picnic areas
  • Equipment/Maintenance buildings
  • Fire stations
  • Gift shops/Concessions
  • Gymnasiums
  • Open-air pavilions
  • Pool houses
  • Public restrooms
  • Shade structures
  • Showers
  • Special events and activity areas
  • Storage/utility structures
  • Storm shelters
  • Visitor centers

RHINO Recreational Steel Buildings

RHINO promises to meet or exceed all current building codes for your area— for the lifetime of your recreational structure!

We work with you to design and execute steel campground buildings for your precise needs.  We ship from multiple points across the U.S. to keep freight costs low.  Everything arrives at your park or campground in kit form, clearly marked and ready to assemble.  What could be easier?

RHINO structures also make great personal RV garages for camping enthusiasts!

Find out more about campground construction at RHINO. Speak to a RHINO steel building specialist at 1.940.383.9566 now.