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A Steel Building Obsession

Higgins Armory Museum: A Tribute to the Iron and Steel Industry I am sometimes accused of having a steel building obsession. Certainly, most of my adulthood has been spent in the pre-engineered steel building industry. However, I just discovered I am not the first man obsessed with steel. Compared to John Woodman Higgins, mine is an amateur obsession. A Passion for Steel John Woodman Higgins enthusiasm for iron and steel came naturally. Even as a child, young Higgins showed an… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Massachusetts

Savage Weather in the Bay State Demands Stronger Structures New England’s punishing hurricanes, blizzards, and snowstorms mandate storm-resistant steel buildings, homes, warehouses, and even prefab metal garages for Massachusetts. Structures all across New England here need to stand up to hurricane-force winds and massive snowfalls. Five of the Worst Massachusetts’ Storms Let us look at few of the most grueling storms to strike Massachusetts in the last 65 years. 1991— Hurricane Bob: Startling weather watchers, Hurricane Bob progressed from a… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Maine

Three Reasons Mainers Build Metal Buildings Pre-engineered steel buildings in Maine make perfect sense to the down-to-earth, practical Yankee logic of Down Easters. Steel buildings offer many advantages, but three benefits in particular appeal to residents of the Pine Tree State: Increased fire-resistance Exceptional durability and Energy efficiency The Great Maine Fires of 1947 Along with the Great Chicago Fire and Peshtigo Fires of 1871, the Great Maine Fires of 1947 claim a place on the list of the most… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Nebraska

Eco-Friendly Building in the Cornhuskers State Starts with Steel Pre-engineered metal buildings in Nebraska stand up to the unique challenges facing cornhuskers. Nebraska’s volatile climate demands structures able to withstand strong winds, occasional earthquakes, blizzards, and violent storms with lightning and tornadoes. Nebraskans demand environmentally friendly buildings. Prefabricated steel buildings satisfy both demands. Eco-conscious Nebraskans Nebraskans boast a proud heritage of caring for the environment. Looking out over endless prairies, early settlers in Nebraska longed for the tree-covered valleys and… Read More

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Steel Buildings in Alaska

Steel Buildings in Alaska If you’re looking for Alaska steel buildings, there’s no better choice than RHINO Steel. The extreme conditions of life near the Arctic Circle demand extreme structures, and RHINO’s tough steel delivers. Extreme Climate, Extreme Challenges Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on Earth — with dense evergreen forests, abundant wildlife, and the breathtaking Northern Lights, people are drawn to Alaska for its rich natural resources and beauty. However, living in Alaska isn’t easy. Life-threatening… Read More

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Metal Buildings in Mississippi

Building Stronger, Safer, and Smarter with Steel Pre-engineered metal buildings in Mississippi provide the strength needed to stand up to Mother Nature at her worst. Plagued by hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, and termites, the Magnolia State needs strong, damage-resistant steel buildings to meet these challenges. Nature’s Savage Fury in Mississippi HURRICANES: As a Gulf Coast state, Mississippi frequently battles hurricanes. Screeching winds batter buildings. Storm surges and downpours flood homes and buildings. Notorious names like Camille and Katrina strike fear… Read More

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The Great Chicago Fire Led to Steel Buildings

How Chicago Rose from the Ashes to Build a Stronger, Safer City Today steel buildings and skyscrapers define the silhouettes of great cities. In the 1870s, no one even dreamed of massive, multi-story monoliths soaring toward the clouds— until the Great Chicago Fire changed commercial construction practices forever. The Chicago Conflagration On Sunday, October 8, 1871, a fire began in or near the barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. Contrary to popular myths about the O’Leary’s cow kicking over… Read More

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Pre-engineered Steel Buildings in WASHINGTON

Building Green in the Evergreen State with RHINO Metal Buildings Constructing pre-engineered steel buildings in Washington is green building. There is no greener way to build than with steel. The state of Washington has always been a leader in the green building movement. In fact, Washington was the first state to pass legislation requiring all state-funded new construction or renovation to meet green building standards. The Clear Span Advantages of Steel Buildings in Washington The strength and durability of steel… Read More

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Pre-engineered Metal Buildings in MONTANA

The Advantages of Steel Buildings in Big Sky Country Metal buildings in Montana meet all the varied needs of Big Sky residents. The durability and versatility of pre-engineered steel buildings make them the perfect answer for residential outbuildings or commercial and industrial structures. Incredible Strength of Steel As a former resident of Billings, I know the incredible variations in climate and topography across Big Sky create unique challenges for steel buildings in Montana. High winds across the plains and heavy… Read More

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Steel Buildings in West Virginia

Steel Buildings in West Virginia Pre-engineered metal buildings in West Virginia and Virginia find an audience who already appreciates steel construction. The greatest project ever developed in West Virginia would have been impossible without steel. The New River Gorge Bridge A triumph of engineering and steel construction in West Virginia, the New River Gorge Bridge spans the chasm over the river. When it opened in 1977, it was the highest vehicle bridge in the world. The stats on the awesome… Read More

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