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Steel Industrial Buildings: a Solid Investment

Building and Leasing Industrial Metal Buildings for Profit

Photo of the finished Gateway Business Park industrial steel building in TexasPerceptive investors often choose to include steel industrial buildings as part of their real estate holdings.

There are two main reasons: 1) industrial buildings produce significant revenue; and 2) steel industrial buildings promise the most bang for the buck.

Why Choose Industrial Buildings as Income Producing Properties?

Investors find the industrial market offers many advantages over commercial or residential real estate options. An industrial property:

  • Provides a steady, predictable income stream
  • Typically requires a smaller initial outlay than other real estate investments
  • Involves longer contracts with tenants that other real estate rentals, creating less turnover and less time with the property unoccupied
  • Usually supplies higher returns on investment than in residential properties
  • Appreciates more over time, increasing the owner’s net worth
  • Allows you to deal with other business people on a professional level
  • Has tenants with a vested interest in keeping the property clean and attractive, for their own company image
  • Requires less intensive management than residential real estate
  • Is traditionally a much less volatile market than commercial and residential markets
  • Provides the opportunity sell the property later for a great turnaround profit
  • Generally enjoys zoning restrictions far broader than other types of real estate properties, allowing more flexibility

Building a Solid Investment with the Strength of Steel

Whether you plan to build a single industrial structure or an entire business park, pre-engineered steel buildings are the best choice. In fact, steel claims an astonishing 95% of the industrial building market. It is easy to see why.

Steel buildings provide many advantages to industrial projects over other building methods. Pre-engineered steel industrial buildings are:

  • Versatile to accommodate a variety of industries
  • Simple to remodel and adapt when changing tenants
  • More flexible with larger spans, lengths, and heights than other building methods
  • Faster to erect for lower construction costs and quicker occupancy
  • Stronger to combat high winds, heavy snows, and damaging earthquakes
  • More resistant to fire, lightning, mold, and termites
  • Less expensive to insure
  • Extremely cost-effective to build and to maintain, requiring little upkeep
  • An eco-friendly building choice— steel is the most recycled material on our planet
  • Super energy efficient— when combined with upgraded insulation options
  • Versatile, with exterior options including steel panels, brick, block, stucco, stone, tilt-up concrete or EIFS
  • Preferred by industrial tenants; steel buildings are seen as the safer and greener choice
  • Long-lasting, retaining value and appearance for decades longer than other construction methods
  • A greater resale value

Why not add revenue-generating steel industrial buildings to increase your earnings?

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