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Metal Buildings for Veterinary Facilities

Why So Many Veterinarians Choose Steel Buildings

Whether building a new practice from scratch or expanding a current operation, metal buildings fit the bill for all types of veterinary facilities. Pre-engineered steel buildings deliver greater usable space, simpler customization, and faster construction than other methods for building a kennel facility or vet clinic.

Photo of a brick-trimmed metal building veterinarian clinic with man and dog departingSurprisingly affordable, metal buildings promise more bang for the buck now— plus lower expenses over time.

Lower maintenance and discounted insurance premiums reduce metal building operating costs. Optional high-grade insulation packages save on energy bills in the climate-controlled portions of a veterinarian enterprise.

Building Steel Veterinary Facilities

Pre-engineered metal buildings provide many advantages to all animal care operations, including small private practices, large clinics, and even exotic animal care facilities.

All pre-engineered steel buildings, including veterinary facilities, are designed uniquely to the customer’s exact specifications. Include whatever applies for your unique practice:

  • Exam and treatment rooms
  • Feed storage
  • Grooming rooms
  • Kennels and boarding facilities
  • Offices
  • Operating rooms
  • Pharmaceutical lockup
  • Reception and waiting rooms
  • Stables
  • Staff break rooms

Animal hospitals, veterinarian clinics, animal boarding facilities, and shelters enjoy the benefits inherent with steel structures.

STRONG: Stronger than any other building material, steel takes far fewer pieces to construct a much sturdier structure. Fewer framing members means a much lighter frame, so less concrete is required for the foundation. It also means your veterinary building goes up faster than other building systems.

FLEXIBLE: For the ultimate in interior layout flexibility, nothing beats unobstructed metal framing. Completely self-supporting, a clear span steel building requires no interior walls or columns.

Design your vet business to blend seamlessly into an existing commercial area. Finish out your structure with colorful steel panels, glass, brick, block, stone, stucco, or even wood to create the perfect personality for your dynamic animal care operation.

DAMAGE-RESISTANT: Steel’s strength stands against howling winds, savage lightning, devastating fires, debilitating mold, hungry termites, and shattering earthquakes better than other building materials.

Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts for commercial-grade, fire-resistant pre-engineered steel buildings.

HEALTHY: Lumber outgasses. Steel never outgases. Animals and their caregivers breathe easier in a steel structure.

Animal enclosures gather moisture, causing unhealthy bacteria, mold, and mildew to proliferate in a wood-framed structure. Steel, as an inorganic material, never contributes to mold, mildew, or bacteria growth.

Wood-framed structures require periodic termite treatments with harsh— and expensive— chemicals. These poisons are not animal-friendly. Steel buildings are impervious to termites. Even Formosan termites cannot take a bite out of steel!

GREEN: As the most recycled substance in the world, steel rates number one as a green building material. Steel is also the only recycled material that maintains all its strength no matter how many times it is recycled.

Building green also means energy-efficient construction. Filling the extra-deep wall cavities of steel framing with premium insulation slashes heating and cooling costs in half in RHINO steel buildings.

The ultra-thick insulation, like RHINO’s Pro-Value system, also drastically mutes outside noise. Vets appreciate anything that keeps outside noise from disturbing their barking, braying, roaring-prone patients. (And nearby businesses appreciate that the diminished din does not disturb their customers!)

Discuss constructing your veterinarian facility with a knowledgeable RHINO steel building specialist today. RHINO Steel Building Systems offer many customizing options, including skylights, ventilation systems, doors, and the Pro-Value insulation system.

Call RHINO at 940.383.9566 to learn more of the benefits of building animal care facilities with steel.