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How to Keep a Metal Building Project on Budget

Quick Tips for Controlling Metal Building Construction Costs Are you thinking about starting a metal building project?  Following these guidelines will help you save money— and unnecessary headaches— through the metal building construction process. By buying a pre-engineered kit for your steel building project, you are already eliminating many of the budget-blowing blunders common in labor-intensive stick-by-stick construction. Proficient use of… Read More
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Questions to Ask a Metal Building Supplier

Finding the Best Metal Building Company Before You Buy Smart buyers want to know more about their metal building supplier than just the price.  A cheap price is not always the best deal on a pre-engineered steel building. The following questions will help you determine whether you are really getting your money’s worth with a particular metal building company. How… Read More

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Seven Things You Need to Know about Metal Building Foundations

Why Pre-engineered Steel Building Foundations Demand Precision Precision and strength are especially important for metal building foundations.  A sloppy or inadequate concrete foundation seriously weakens the strength and durability of your pre-engineered metal building. Peruse these seven foundation tips for successful steel building construction... #1: Precision Equals Quality Framing Prefabricated steel buildings promise precision.  Every part of the steel building kit is designed, engineered, and fabricated to exacting tolerances. Consequently, a quality-made steel building does not allow you to “fudge”… Read More

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Do You Need Building Permits for Metal Buildings?

First Things First: Get Your Construction Permits! First time buyers often ask if you need building permits for metal buildings.  Absolutely!  In most cases, you will definitely require a construction permit from your local building authority. Thank goodness, smart buyers ask about building permits first—before they order a pre-engineered steel building. Unfortunately, some construction novices, in the heat of let’s-get-it-done-now mania, may order first, and then seek permits later. That is putting the cart before the horse— big time. Most… Read More

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How do Prefab Metal Buildings Differ from Other Buildings?

Eleven Ways Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Beat Other Construction Methods First, let’s look at how prefab metal buildings differ from traditional structures. All conventional construction methods require skilled workers to laboriously create the building on site, piece by piece. Carpenters measure, saw, level, assemble and nail the wood-framed structures together one stick at a time.  (Hence the name, “stick-building.”) Light-gauge steel framers use the same basic process.  They simply substitute steel studs for wooden ones, then assemble the framing with screw… Read More

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Do I Need a Vapor Barrier with My Metal Building Insulation?

The Pros and Cons of Vapor Retarders in Steel Buildings There is a lot of confusion about metal building insulation today.  People ask, “Should I insulate my new steel building?  And do I need to include a vapor barrier?” The answer is… well, maybe. Three things determine your metal building insulation needs: What is the climate like where you are building? Areas with extreme heat, cold, or humidity may require upgrade insulation. What is the end use for your structure?… Read More

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How to Cut Steel Building Costs

Getting the Most Bang for Your Metal Building Buck Did you know there are design choices you can make to reduce steel building costs? It is a simple concept: the more steel used in your structure, the higher the price.  To lower the cost per square foot, make changes that conserve steel. Reconfigure Your Building Size Naturally, the smaller the building, the lower the total costs. However, it is possible to change the dimensions of a metal building to whittle… Read More

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Building RV Storage for Home or Profit

Why Metal Buildings are the Best RV Protection Are you planning on building RV storage for yourself or for your self-storage business?  Consider ordering a pre-engineered steel structure.  Steel buildings deliver the strongest, most durable structures at the best price. Boats, Campers, and Motor Homes Galore Did you know that 75 million people in the U.S. go camping every year?  That is an incredible 61% of all U.S. households. In fact, over eight million American households now own an RV. … Read More

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Metal Hangars Cost Less

Why Steel Hangars are the Best Aviation Buy Today Pre-engineered metal hangars cost less to buy, build, and own.  More importantly, steel aircraft hangars also provide the best protection for your flying investment. Is it any wonder that steel frames almost every hangar you see? Complete Design Freedom Most people may think of a hangar as a garage for airplanes.  Pilots and aviators know better.  Every aircraft owner has unique needs— and great ideas— for their own perfect hangar. With… Read More

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Planting Profits in Steel Building Garden Centers

Sowing Sales and Reaping Rewards in Retail Gardening Owners of steel building garden centers are raking in their share of plant-based profits. A Growing Business Retail gardening in the U.S. is flourishing.  In fact, recent revenue reports place 2018 nursery and gardening sales at $48 billion! Over the past five years, annualized sales increased 4.2% on average.  Moreover, experts predict a steady 4.3% increase to continue through 2023.  Clearly, now is the time to put down roots in the gardening… Read More

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What Are Metal Building Purlins?

What Purpose do Purlins Serve on a Steel Building? Let’s get down to the basics of metal building roof purlins. Purlins are an important component in a pre-engineered steel structural kit.  These structural supports run perpendicular across the rafter beams. Also known as “sheeting rails,” purlins create the roofing members of the secondary framing of a steel building. The Purpose of Purlins Metal building roof purlins provide three structural functions: First, the purlins support the roof. Secondly, purlins tie the… Read More

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Not All Metal Building Suppliers Are the Same

Why RHINO Steel Buildings Stand Out from the Common Herd Before comparing building quotes, you need to know that not all metal construction companies are alike. Do Your Homework Before You Buy a Building First time building buyers tend to grab a few quotes online to compare.  Unfortunately, that does not give you a clear picture of which steel building is actually the best value. You cannot realistically compare prices without knowing exactly what you will be getting for that… Read More

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