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Metal Hangars Cost Less

Why Steel Hangars are the Best Aviation Buy Today Pre-engineered metal hangars cost less to buy, build, and own.  More importantly, steel aircraft hangars also provide the best protection for your flying investment. Is it any wonder that steel frames almost every hangar you see? Complete Design Freedom Most people may think of a hangar as a garage for airplanes. … Read More
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Planting Profits in Steel Building Garden Centers

Sowing Sales and Reaping Rewards in Retail Gardening Owners of steel building garden centers are raking in their share of plant-based profits. A Growing Business Retail gardening in the U.S. is flourishing.  In fact, recent revenue reports place 2018 nursery and gardening sales at $48 billion! Over the past five years, annualized sales increased 4.2% on average.  Moreover, experts predict… Read More

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What Are Metal Building Purlins?

What Purpose do Purlins Serve on a Steel Building? Let’s get down to the basics of metal building purlins.  Purlins are an important component in a pre-engineered steel structural kit.  These structural supports run perpendicular across the rafter beams. Also known as “sheeting rails,” purlins create the roofing members of the secondary framing of a steel building. The Purpose of Purlins Metal building purlins provide three structural functions: First, the purlins support the roof. Secondly, purlins tie the rafters together,… Read More

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Not All Metal Building Suppliers Are the Same

Why RHINO Steel Buildings Stand Out from the Common Herd Before comparing building quotes, you need to know that not all metal building suppliers are alike. Do Your Homework Before You Buy a Building First time building buyers tend to grab a few quotes online to compare.  Unfortunately, that does not give you a clear picture of which steel building is actually the best value. You cannot realistically compare prices without knowing exactly what you will be getting for that… Read More

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Are Pole Barns or Metal Barns the Best Buy?

Comparing Wood-Framed and Steel-Framed Barns Do pole barns or metal barns offer the most bang for your building buck?  When you compare the two systems feature by feature, you will find the best deal is steel. Defining a “Pole Barn” First, let’s define what we mean by a “pole barn.” Pole barns are timber framed.  Large posts buried in the ground support the structure vertically.  Smaller wood studs provide horizontal support.  Most pole barns have no foundation. In the 1930s,… Read More

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Why Cowboy Churches Choose Metal Buildings

Where the Old West Meets That Old Time Religion in a Metal Barn The rural barn look is probably the main reason cowboy churches choose metal buildings for their sanctuaries and auxiliary buildings.  However, the rustic farm and ranch appearance is only one of the advantages pre-engineered steel buildings provide for cowboy church construction. Boots and Bible Believers So what is a “cowboy church”?  Basically, it is a ministry deeply rooted in our Western heritage. Cowboy churches typically offer a… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Fast Food Restaurants

Prefab Metal Buildings for Drive-Thru Dining There are several reasons why owners choose prefab steel buildings for fast food restaurant construction.  In fact, pre-engineered metal buildings dominate all forms of low-rise commercial and industrial construction in the U.S. First, let’s take a quick look at the fast food industry. Drive-Thru Dining Dollars Busy Americans always seem to be on the go.  Consequently, grabbing a quick meal at a drive-thru is often the go-to meal. Still, it is hard to comprehend… Read More

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Beating Thermal Bridging in Metal Buildings

How RHINO Steel Buildings Defeat Thermal Transference The only drawback to steel construction is the thermal bridging in metal buildings. Like Superman, pre-engineered steel buildings are strong and fast.  Unfortunately, like the flying man of steel, metal buildings also have one weakness.  The chink in Superman’s armor is kryptonite; thermal bridging is the Achilles’ heel of steel buildings. What is Thermal Bridging? Any place where heat or cold pass through a building’s wall assembly is called a “thermal bridge” or… Read More

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Slash Metal Building Energy Costs in Half

Seven Ways to Save Energy with a RHINO Steel Building Did you know you could save 50% or more on metal building energy costs with RHINO steel buildings?  It’s easy with our accessory choices and energy efficient construction. The Pro-Value Insulation System When selecting a metal building system, it is important to think about not only up-front costs, but also future expenses. Utilities costs are the largest long-term expense for any climate-controlled structure.  Reducing metal building energy costs saves thousands… Read More

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Factory-Made Metal Buildings for Factories

Why Manufactured Steel Buildings House Manufacturing Plants It is a marriage made in manufacturing: factory-built metal buildings for factories and industrial plants. Both pre-engineered steel buildings and manufacturing plants thrive on efficient production.  Both demand a sharp eye on costs.  Both demand adaptability.  And both must keep production running smoothly to keep the customer satisfied. The Impact of Manufacturing on the U.S. Economy Let’s face it: manufacturing is essential to America’s economy.  In fact, some financial experts believe manufacturing is… Read More

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Steel Building Strip Malls

Five Reasons to Choose Metal Buildings for Mini-malls Steel building strip malls shine as a new generation of shopping and service experiences.  Today’s upscale mixed-use shopping centers include an eclectic mix of retailers and service industries. Smaller strip malls— with 5,000 to 10,000 square feet— still serve in residential neighborhoods or smaller towns.  However, the growing trend is toward larger retail centers of 100,000 square feet or more.  In moderate-sized towns, mid-sized shopping plazas tend to be a hybrid of… Read More

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7 Quick Steel Building Facts

Prefab Metal Buildings: The Lean, Green, Building Machine The pre-engineered steel building facts speak for themselves, and RHINO has lots of steel framing info to offer. Steel now boasts 65% of new commercial construction— and 95% of new industrial building.  The reasons for steel’s market dominance are simple. Fact #1: Steel is a Bargain Pre-engineered steel’s low cost-per-square-foot should not surprise people, but it does. Like any other business, builders focus hard on the bottom line.  If metal buildings weren’t… Read More

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