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Steel Prices Will Rise In Early 2017

Steel Prices Will Rise In Early 2017 Due to various factors in today’s steel industry, the price of steel is expected to increase by up to 7% in 2017. Fortunately, you still have a little time left to lock in the price of your next steel building purchase if you act by January 20. Take advantage of this offer while there’s still time, and be sure to check out our specially priced steel building offer for advanced savings! Check Out… Read More

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Steel Building Company Passes Milestone

RHINO Celebrates 18 Years in the Metal Building Business It’s hard to believe that it has already been eighteen years since we started RHINO Steel Building Systems. It’s been a great ride— we are just getting started! To celebrate, we thought we’d share the eighteen most popular reasons customers choose RHINO pre-engineered steel buildings again and again. 18 Reasons for RHINO’s Success HIGH-QUALITY SYSTEM: Weather-resistant, commercial-grade rigid steel framing NO COOKIE-CUTTER ORDERS: Each building designed to the customer’s exact specifications… Read More

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A Boomerang Apartment to Protect Parent Privacy

What to Do When Adult Children Crowd Back into Your Empty Nest Just as building an in-law apartment creates a safe haven for an aging parent, constructing a boomerang apartment puts needed space— and privacy— between parents and a returning adult child. Why Kids Boomerang Young adults, who lived on their own for a time but then move back in with their parents, are known as “boomerang kids.” An incredible 57 million Americans now live in multi-generational situations with elderly… Read More

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Metal Buildings Offer Unlimited Possibilities

Adaptable Pre-engineered Steel Buildings for Every Purpose With the uninitiated, there exists a misconception that all metal buildings are boxy, barn-like buildings. The uninformed perceive pre-engineered steel buildings as simple utilitarian structures, available only in pre-determined cookie-cutter sizes. Wake up and smell the cappuccino, my friends! Today’s pre-engineered metal buildings are all purpose, offering unlimited possibilities for every low-rise application. Whatever your structural needs, a prefabricated steel building accommodates your every requirement. Whether your building need is a detached home… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Fitness Centers and Gyms

Building Buns of Steel in Steel Buildings Health clubs, fitness centers and gyms are springing up all across the U.S. and the world. Membership-based fitness facilities like these create an exciting income potential for health-conscious individuals, professionals, and investors alike. How much income does the fitness club industry generate? Globally, member-based fitness facilities rake in over $84 billion annually. The key to success in the fitness market is to create an inviting environment at a convenient location, staffed with attractive… Read More

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17 Reasons to Choose Steel Warehouses

Why Steel Dominates Distribution Center and Warehouse Building Industrial builders overwhelming choose to build steel warehouses and distribution centers. Steel frames 95% of all new low-rise industrial construction. Steel’s market share of the mega warehouse and distribution center market soars even higher. Covering 500,000 square feet or more, these sprawling building behemoths are impractical with any other structural material. What makes steel the building material of choice for industry?  Here are 17 reasons steel leads the industrial building market: Strong… Read More

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Rain Gutters for Metal Buildings- Part 1

6 Reasons to Add Gutters to Your Steel Building Order When planning to build a steel commercial building— or your own personal steel structure — consider including steel rain gutters and downspouts on your metal building order. Why gutters? In one word: PROTECTION. Here are some of the reasons why: 1. Self-Protection It is obvious the first job of gutters is allowing people to enter the building during a rainstorm without dashing through a waterfall. Without gutters, anyone coming inside… Read More

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Recycle, America with Steel Buildings

November 15, 2012 is America Recycles Day. This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of America Recycles Day, an annual event initiated by the Keep America Beautiful program.  A nation-wide event, America Recycles Day serves to remind us all to do our part to save natural resources.  The day is dedicated to helping communities raise awareness of the positive effectiveness of recycling on our environment. Recycling steel helps the environment. All metals are eagerly sought by recycling centers, but steel is… Read More

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RHINO Steel Buildings: Building Green with Red-Iron

When choosing steel buildings for agricultural, commercial, industrial, rural, or suburban use, the price is often a primary concern. However, the environmental impact of the construction material should also be considered. Make no mistake — American consumers really do care deeply about environmental issues. According to a recent Gallup poll, 73% of Americans admit they worry about the “quality of the environment.” After studying all the framing material options and their ecological qualities, many people ultimately decide a prefabricated red… Read More

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Why You Should Buy Prefab Metal Buildings

We all make our buying decisions based on what is ultimately best for us.  So why would a prefab steel building be the best choice for you?  Let’s bottom line it. Look at the ways a metal building kit saves you time and money now, and future hassles. How Choosing Prefab Metal Buildings Saves You Time Prefab metal buildings are manufactured specifically for your structural needs and delivered quickly to your job site. A prefabricated steel building system erects faster… Read More

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